Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tun M live on TV1? You kidding?

I NOW KNOW how difficult it is to host a television talk show. With a bit of practise, it can be done well. The host has to look at a certain camera at a certain time, listen carefully to the instructions from the studio manager via the earpiece, focus on the guest and keep track of the questions and answers, relax and do all of the above at the same time. In a way, I was glad my 30-minute live chat over TV1 with the country's number one Blogger - Chedet - came through without any major hitches. I missed a couple of instructions from the studio manager but I was told they were not too bad. I focused on only two main issues - and the Palestinian issue, which explained why many questions were left out and not raised. Even on the two issues, there were plenty more questions to be asked, but there's only so much I could do within such a short time. As to the many suggestions that came from visitors to this blog, I'll compile them and email to for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to take a look. Who knows, he may answer them in his blog. The Tun is not new to TV interviews, having done them many times with CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and other international TV network. He knows his stuff and is a cool professional when it comes to facing a live audience. He knows what to say, when to say and how to say it. He can be a charmer or he can be a ball-crusher, depending on the time and place. I've had my share of both ages ago. But it was obvious that he wasn't short of admirers. Many of the RTM staff came out to meet him after the show, taking pictures with him, asking for his autographs and to shake hands. Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek was also at the studio to be with the top blogger. I thought it was a good outing generally. Could be better, if you know what I mean!Many people "read" many things about his live appearance on TV1. In fact, earlier in the day, a friend, when told that Tun M was going to be live on TV1 remarked: "You must be kidding..."


ChengHo said...

Now Paklah turn , let have him in tv.

. said...


You have done a good job. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Off topic. Kalau belum ada info ni minta maklumkan dalam blog web mengenai boikot Israel


Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Yes, sure paklah will be more charming

Unknown said...

There should be a lot more of Tun on TV. Whether you agree or not, he makes you think.

We miss his sharp rebuttals and his sarcastic remarks.

He is still the wisest man and the gutsiest too (to me).

Anonymous said...

Well done!


Anonymous said...


Siapakah bekas Menteri yang sibuk nak bertanding untuk jawatan naib presiden Umno, tetapi sedang bercuti di Bahamas sekarang ni?

Pemimpin-pemimpin Umno lain sedang sibuk berkempen untuk Calon Barisan Nasional menjelang pilihanraya kecil Kuala Terengganu Sabtu ini, tetapi bekas Menteri ni sedang bersantai dengan ahli-ahli keluarganya di Kepulauan Bahamas yang memang terkenal sebagai destinasi pelancongan.

Yang lain sibuk berkempen siang-malam, sipolan ini sedang menikmati angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa di tepi pantai. Alangkah bahagianya hidup.

Perwakilan Umno patut menolak pemimpin seperti ini. Sudah banyak sangat kes sipolan ini. Batu dan kayu sahaja yang sipolan ini tak makan, yang lain habis dimentedarah...

Pantun untuk Dato' Seri Najib:

Bercerai sudah bertalak sudah
kasih sayang ditelan waktu
Mencuri sudah, meraba sudah
Takkan nak simpan sipolan begitu.

Pian Gombak.

Anonymous said...

Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak,

Call off the LCCT project (KLIA@EAST) immediately or we will vote for PAS in the Jan 17 Kuala Terengganu by-election. This is not a threat, it's a promise!


Anonymous said...

Tun a rock star, yo!