Saturday, January 31, 2009

There's no safe place in Gaza

SALAM FROM GAZA! Walking among the ruins of Gaza reminds me of the tsunami ravages in Aceh and Sri Lanka, where Yayasan Salam did relief work four years ago. Those memories still haunt many of us. It's the same with Gaza. The only difference is that Gaza is man-made. When I read quotes in the newspapers about how no one felt safe in Gaza, I couldn't imagine what it's like. Having seen the destruction with my naked eyes, I can understand why this was so. It's still the same. No one is really safe in Gaza. Police stations have been bombed. Mosques have been flattened. Hospitals and schools have had their share of the destruction. But the people of Gaza are resilient. They go on with their daily lives, selling fruits, going to schools, working in offices and enjoying chai (tea) by the roadsides. Only the nights are dark and quiet after 10 or so...


Saya... said...

Salam dato,

My heart bleeds for the palestinians. Please start an effort to pressure Egypt to open the borders. Ini sesama Islam!

I heard that 40 orphans are being sent to israel for a two week "vacation"...How is that? Who let them go? After they murder their parents, they want to show "love" the israeli way???

Is the food coming in? I heard they make bread out of animal feed even before this invasion...ade yang eat grass! How can the Muslim nations allow this?? Bukan sebab sama islam, but because we are all human beings, and the Arab tie is there...Tak faham la Dato...pressure Egypt by some effort...maybe the Hamas rockets should be sent into Egypt so angry.

Saya... said... Free Gaza websites and also a reporter in Gaza, Canadian, foreign witnesses and see in kids are fighting or just blasted to death for fun by the Israeli army here:

google also Free Gaza for news by foreign reporters (since muslim ones are often accused of lying)

satD said...

Be safe bro

Unknown said...

and here I am worried about putting on weight and the high petrol prices ...

Dear Sir

Your accounts evokes a humbling experience in us.

hasnah said...


Thank you for sharing these moments with us. Just reading your postings makes us feel so little is being done - esp by some of the Arab nations - with the exception of pure rhetorics. Hope to hear and read more about your experiences upon your safe return.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dato'

Thank you for your anecdotes of Gaza. Life is not easy there. Humility and Dignity come together.

My heart fills with sorrow whenever I think of the plight of the Gazans; the old and the young, men, women and especially the innocent children. Hope something can be done to minimise their sufferings.

Take care Dato'.

May Allah Bless You.