Thursday, January 8, 2009

Plea for help from inside Palestine

ONE OF THE VOLUNTEERS from Yayasan Salam Malaysia received this cry for help from inside Palstine this morning. Writing hastily, the cry for help was conveyed via the Internet. The email was forwarded to me so that I can share it with all of you. Yayasan Salam is putting together a small team to respond to this cry for help. We will be working with other NGOs, Malaysians and foreign, to help ease the burden the Palestinians are suffering. I've edited the email for clarity purposes. It goes something like this: "Thanks a lot to you and all the Malaysians who think about us! We need your prayers through this. It is a real war! Electricity comes and goes for long hours. In some areas, like Gaza city itself, there has ben no electricity since 9 days and no water. We sleep on the sounds of bombings that shakes everything. No one and nothing in Gaza is safe! Getting into gaza is not possible. However, most of the help came that came from different countries is sent to the nearest border with Egypt. Sometimes, the Israelis bomb some areas near the borders to destroy the tunnels. So it is a little bit complicated. You ask me what is most needed here? Aactually everything is needed here, medical supplies , food, blankets. The priority are the medical supplies." Donations to Yayasan Salam can be made via our bank account Public Bank 3072-8793-02. Donations are tax exempted.

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