Friday, January 23, 2009

We are just outside Rafa with food, medics

SALAM FROM PALESTINIAN BORDER. My team of Yayasan Salam volunteers (Salam Relief) are now at the border checkpoint just outside Palestine. We've been waiting four hours to get across, after our van brreakdown last night. It's 10am local time. Truckloads of food supplies are waiiting in line to get across. We had tea at a small shop here which is doing brisk business as relief workers from Turkey and many others wait in line to go beyond. We have blankets from MAS, medicines and food from various companies for the victims. Our friends in Gaza are waiting for us. I hope to cross over and start doing some real relief work.


mananbuyong said...

Allah be with you, Yop.

Unknown said...

We are humbled by your honourable mission.

haidan_imia said...

uncle yop..
my doa will be with u..