Friday, January 9, 2009

Save Palestine - new kid on the blog

I'VE STARTED A NEW BLOG dedicated to highlight the struggle of the Palestinians. It's called SAVE PALESTINE and access is via Please feel free to drop in. I appreciate your views and comments. The Palestinian struggle is a long and difficult one, blackmarked by wars, unnecessary killings, sanctions and oppression. Will we be able to see a truly free and independent Palestine?

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Sdr, let's be realistic.

We can cry for Palestine. We can weep for its dead.

We can hold mammoth protest at the US Embassy and burn the Star ans Stripe.

We can boycott Cocacola. It's good for our health. We can also eat the Ramlee Burger instead.

We can set up funds and send aid.

We can hold special prayers.

But will it solve the problem?

Will the Muslims unite and help the Palestinians?

Will Palestine's wealthy Arab neighbours help the Palestinians?

Many Arab countries are openly hostile towards Hamas from the very beginning.

Some openly declared that they did not want Hamas to win.


Because Arab nations are afraid that Hamas may form an effective democratic government.


Because most Arab nations are not democratic.

The Arabs don't have to go to war or fire a bullet to get the US and its Jewish puppet master to act.


By cutting oil exports. By withdrawing investments in the US.

By selling US bonds and IOUs.

Can they?

Yes. They played a big role in saving the Muslims in Bosnia.

They supplied arms, money and fighters. They forced US to intervene after the EU did nothing to stop the killing of the Muslims.


Because the Bosnians are not Arabs and Bosnia is not the Arab World.

It fine for our leaders to do sembahyang hajat.

We can all do the same.

But it would add to the barakah if our leaders also write to Bush, Obama, US Senators and Congressmen.

More so those who are buddy buddy with Jewish Senators, Congressmen and high officials.

I rest my case.

Thank you.