Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Plastics replace glass windows in Gaza

SALAM from Gaza! Crossing the Rafah Gate into Gaza is like winning a lottery. Scores of people at the gate try daily to get past into the checkpoint, and then final clearance into Gaza. Not everyone succeeded. Often, it's a case of so near yet to far. Gaza itself showed almost no outward sign of people living in fear. Small busineses goes on, making kebabs and selling mint tea by the roadside. "Business looks normal in Gaza," I remarked to the Palestinian Health Minister Dr Basem. "Yes, we are like that. We've been under siege for the last three years. We've been like this since '48. We are resilient, and that's one strength that we draw from each other over the years. We now appeal to the world community of nations to help us, physically and morally. Do what you can please. I know it requires courage, sacrifices and strong political will," Dr Basem said in an interview at the Shifa hospital in downtown Gaza.


Unknown said...

Dear Sir

Keep the stories coming. We can learn a lot from the sufferings of the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Well done tok mat and gang,jadikan kepahitan dan kemanisan itu harum, seharum limau kasturi. Kita doakan semoga misi kedua Salam ke Gaza berjalan dengan lancar dan selamat.

Anonymous said...


di malaysia ada berita mengatakan militan palestin bunuh sorang askar israel hari ini.

ada juga berita Israel akan serang gaza dalam beberapa jam lagi.

betul ke?

haidan_imia said...

they are so strong..i was motivated by the doctor words..