Monday, October 27, 2008

Jazlan episode - a non starter from day one

PULAI MP, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, was forced to abandon his intention to contest for the number two post in Umno. Having had not a single nomination to his name after three weekends of divisional meetings, Nur Jazlan, the son of former Umno Sec Gen Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat, had to forget the idea this time around.

He's also the Ketua Bahagian of Pulai. Nur Jazlan caused a stir when he made known his intention last month, much to the surprise of his peers and political observers. His simple reason for offering himself was to help in the re-generation process within Umno.

Many had laughed at his intention. There were smirks all round too.

Nur Jazlan shouldn't be faulted for wanting to seek high office. But many felt that he has yet to finish his political tutelage. He can now continue his learning curve as he seek to improve himself.

In journalism, this is referred to as a 'non story.' The whole episode was nothing more than an attempt to get his name into the media, which he did.

Was his intention viewed seriously? Apparently the divisional delegates at their meetings didn't think so. Good Luck Jazlan!


. said...


Orang politik ni memang suka buat GEMPAQ.

Journalist pulak suka berita GEMPAQ.

Maka, sebab tulah jadi story!

Anonymous said...

nurjazlan bagaimana pun berjaya menang tipis dalam mempertahankan jawatan ketua bahagian nya hari ahad lepas. lawannya, timbalan ketua bahagian osman sapian yang juga adun kempas hampir-hampir menamatkan karier politik beliau. sebenarnya, jazlan bukan lah seorang ahli politik yang tidak baik. well at least not as bad as others. but he definitely mixed with the wrong crowd. i think you know who are his friends who probably advised him to bite more than he can chew. he almost choked to death because of it. my sympaties goes to him.

zainal mokhtar said...

"Raja Lawak" deserve a clap or two. I'd give him full marks for effort, zero for intelligence.He's not that young, so he should know the Malay saying "duduk sebelum berlunjur".

Anonymous said...


Jazlan cuba menjinakkan diri dalam politik nasional. Kini namanya dikenali bukan peringkat negeri Johor sahaja malah serata negeri.
Good try Jazlan, I believe you will succeed in the near future.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Politik murahan yang lama sebenarnya masih relevan dan laku hingga sekarang dan yang penting ia lebih mulia dari popular dan menang dengan 'politik wang'.

Adalah wajar calon Timbalan Presiden yang tak menjadi menang saguhati sebagai Ketua Bahagian, berbaloi.

anr said...

i believe he started something for his long distance in politic. at least malaysian aware of his existence and i think it a good move.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Humanity

Peter Abdullah

Anonymous said...

i believe that in politics, 'either you try or you cry'.

jazlan was brave enough to walk the stars except that he didnt get the right vehicle.

such are politics. you never know. some are well expected while others are not.

for jazlan, it was a good try but he will not cry... at least for now...

Mat Cendana said...

Che Mat,
I think NurJazlan wasn't serious from Day One.

Based on something I had read at Sakmongkol AK47 some weeks ago, his "announcement" was just a "sindiran" to those mentioned as "Deputy President candidates" - people like Zahid Hamidi, Ali Rustam.

Now Nurjazlan isn't so "perasan" as to think of himself as a serious candidate. And what he did (if it was indeed planned) worked - there was a lot of talk especially in the blogs by people pouring scorn on the candidates mentioned. And Zahid plus Ali Rustam have "downgraded" their ambitions after that...

TPJ said...

Salam Datuk,

Many including I shook my head when I read of his announcement. It was clearly a successful "shock and awe" attempt.

Many thought he had lost his mental capacity by going for deputy president. These are the people who think they are sane and intelligent but in actual fact know absolutely nothing about Malay politics.

Any person of reasonable intelligence would know that his candidacy wouldn't see the light of day. But anyone worth his salt in politics would know that Jazlan would see some bright lights in the big city of UMNO politics

1. Didn't he get his name published and mentioned in the media almost on a daily affair?

2. Didn't he get more attention from everyone than Zahid Hamidi and Ali Rustam who announced their bid a few days earlier?

3. Didn't he get to send his message accross the nation free of charge?

4. Isn't he a household name in UMNO politics today? To an extent, he made Mukhriz, Khairy and Khir Toyo look less interesting because he was barking with all his might to "remajakan UMNO" while they were busy positioning themselves to continue being ineffective like when they were all in the EXCO movement prior to this campaign.

I may not have seen eye to eye with Jazlan in all my 18 years as a member in the division but I empathize with his frustration over the leadership to overlook intelligence, passion and youth in selecting the next generation of important office bearers.

It has been lip service ever since while maintaining the same old guards as BN candidates, not because they are effective in their service to the Rakyat but because of their blind loyalty to the individual making the selection of candidates.

Ultimately it seems the Pulai delegates agreed with Jazlan as all top three posts of the division is held by gentlemen aged 45 and below in last Sunday's Divisional Elections.

Incidentally, we all served together in the Pulai Youth Committee. The cycle has turned a full circle.

Pulai has given a new meaning to the term "Meremajakan UMNO".

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,
Let's start this: