Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zahid, DAR, Mat Taib - any more names?

SMS QUESTION in the last couple of days - is Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi serious about bidding for the deputy president post in Umno? Same question was asked of Malacca CM Datuk Ali Rustam. A day later, an SMS asked if I know that Umno Information Chief Tan Sri Muhammad Haji Muhammad Taib was also contemplating a similar challenge?

And of course there's the usual follow-up questions - what about current VP Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, is he not going to announce that he's also keen to bid for the post? Isn't he a favourite and front-runner already, even when nominations are not yet in?

Well, if you ask me - these guys aren't just floating a test balloon! Zahid must feel that since he was once the political secretary of UMNO president in waiting, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, he stand a good chance of making it to the main office this time.

One must think big in politics; show one has the balls to go for it; willing to take calculated risks; and stand and be counted. I believe Zahid must have thought about this when he made known his intention to vie for the number two post.

An old hand in Umno politics have a somewhat different view. She's of the opinion that someone is putting Zahid up to it. When I asked who could that person be, she smiled and hinted that it's someone who doesn't want to see Muhyiddin have a walk-in to the deputy president's post!

Should Muhyiddin be worried then? I don't know. He seemed confident, and probably encouraged by recent declarations by a few divisions that they would nominate him for the deputy president post when the time comes.

As for Ali Rustam, the man is a hugely popular leader, especially among grassroots members. Everyone knows that if he's been invited to 10 weddings in a day, he'll make every effort to attend all, even if for a few minutes. What are his chances?

Well, you never know. He's a state wakil rakyat, and not an MP. His rivals may argue that he can't be Deputy PM even if he gets to be Umno deputy president! Woh! If you ask DAR (as Ali Rustam often refers himself when replying to SMS), let's cross the bridge when he comes to it.

I know many people may look at Muhammad with considerable dismay, disgust even. This is because of his Australian history, a rather embarrassing one at that. But be that as it may, Muhammad believes he's a loyal servant of Umno, and therefore harbours hope of going further than an Information chief.

In a few days time, the Umno divisional meetings will take place. Nominations will start, and the ground troops are all set for some serious political maneuverings. Things are going to be hot in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Zahid Hamidi has got some additional 'balls' from KKK & Boys
from the Chinese 'Death' floor.
But Anwar Ibrahim would be the happiest man on earth if Zahid Hamidi becomes the Deputy President.

ayahanda kg.baru

A Voice said...

Having the balls is one thing. Is the shaft of right length? Otherwise, it will fall short.

By then, the ole joke U Must Not Oppose will turn to UM Must Not Orgasm.

Anonymous said...


I think Najib is sending Muhyiddin a message. Pekan is telling Pagoh to alays remember his place - if and when Najib becomes PM, Muhyiddin shouldn't rush the former out of office. Najib is telling Muhyiddin that he (Najib) can unleash his running dogs if Muhyiddin tries anything funny! Don't think it's impossible!


Anonymous said...

UMNO and BN Government is at its weakest and most vulnerable.

Whoever fills the UMNO Deputy President's post must be someone who can help Najib to turn around the country's political and economic quagmire. We can't gamble on someone who has yet to prove his leadership and managerial qualities and particular when he has no track record and has little knowledge on economics and finance.

Zahid does not have the track record yet. May be in 5 years time. He was just elevated as a Minister 6 months ago. He may be likeable and used to be the Youth Head but do we want to gamble the country's future just on potential and expectation. Malaysia is not KLSE. Muhammad Taib? Too many skeletons in his closet. Ali Rastam? Has Malacca progressd under his stewardship? He is ok in his currrent position. But do we want to pomote him to a level of incompetency?

For the delegates, please make the right decision.

Concerned citizen.

Anonymous said...

Saudara, apa mesej saudara ni. Kalau setakat nak bagitahu yang mereka-mereka ini yang nak bertanding, kami dah tahu lama dah. Dah keluar TV dan surat khabar pun. Kami dalam Wanita UMNO ni pun tau semua mereka itu. Kami kenal mereka luar dan dalam.Sebagai penulis blog, bagi lah analisa yang mendalam sikit.

Dahlia Sulaiman

Ahmad A Talib said...

Cik/Puan Dahlia (harap tu nama ori U),

TQ atas komen. Elok juga kalau U bagi analisa sebagai pihak yang kenal mereka ni "luar dan dalam." Lagipun, keadaan dalam Umno tu boleh berubah pada bila-bila masa aje! Selamat Hari Raya.

Da Real Deal said...

Dato', Salam.

Juz my observation and analysis.

Najib is putting Zahid up to this. If I know anything, I know that Zahid would not make an announcement this big without going through it with Najib first.

If I were Najib, I too wouldn't want to have Muhyiddin as my number two because he is a party man, not a President's yes man. Najib would have to look over his shoulder every 5 steps he makes forward. Now even if Najib declares he wants Muhyiddin as his number two, beware because he will have his people whisper to others to support Zahid. He is not one to say and mean the same thing. He says one thing in the dining hall, then asks his chef to tell you something else once you're in his kitchen. It is proven in the transitional plan. He openly said he is committed to it but his people sought nominations on the ground for number one.

UMNO delegates have a short loyalty span. They may see Muhyiddin as the Man who saved the party but come March which is 5 months away, the loyalty will turn towards the Bank Negara notes.

Remember when Muhyiddin won the last VP election in third place? Well a few months before that sympathy was high for him for missing the cut for DPM when he was Pak Lah's preferred choice. He should have won highest votes for VP hands down but managed to win third by a whisker. Such is the ways of the UMNO delegates.

Interesting times are ahead of us Dato. There is only one gentleman who can save the party and he is one who has no children, no son-in-law, and has a wife who knows her place. Pick this choice and half the nation's problem is eliminated even before he begins to revive the economy with his experience and world connections.

Anonymous said...

Do anyone of those names speak the English language? As far as I know Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin is the only one capable doing so.

Zahid and Mat Taib is a definite no no! Ali Rustam boleh jugalah tetapi mesti fasih berbahasa Inggeris. It's a DPM post beb. Perlu menghadapi wartawan antarabangsa.

Tak bolehlah tangkap muat aje!!

Anonymous said...


Ya nama ori saya tu. Ramai Wanita UMNO kenal saya.Tahun ni tak bertanding dah sebab dah letih. Saya baca blog terutama tulisan A Kadir Jasin. Tulisan dia ada makna dan boleh lah exercise otak sikit.

Dahlia Sulaiman

Anonymous said...

Sdri Dahlia ni macam tak reti aje nampak nye

Org Kg Bt 7

Col Roseli said...


I think Zahid is not Najib's choice. It's Pak Lah. After knowing UMNO's people too well, I've come to a conclusion that no one in UMNO cares about the party or the country for that matter. It's all about "me".
Even Muhyiddin Yassin was not so concerned about the party or the future of Malaysia. He is pushing Pak Lah so as to secure the DPM's post. If Pak Lah resigns immediately (before the UMNO election), Najib would have no choice but to appoint him as the DPM as he was the only Vice-President available at this point of time. The other VP, Ali Rustam for obvious reason could not be named the DPM. To Muhyiddin, time is an essence and the time for him is now or never. He knows that Najib could not afford to have him as his deputy as such a move would certainly 'kill' the political career of Hishamudin, his cousin. Also Malaysians, as a whole, would not like to have both Johoreans as PM and DPM after Najib.
Similarly, Zahid's annoucement is not for UMNO or the country. It's for saving Pak Lah. As a junior Minister, he would not dare to make such an announcement without being told to do so. He's the running-mate for Pak Lah. The announcement was made in order to test the ground and to keep the ball rolling. Thus far, only Shahidan Kassim of Perlis has pledged his support. Tomorrow or the next few days, we'll here voices from Annuar Musa of Kelantan and Mohamad Hassan of Negeri Sembilan.
Indeed, the game is not over for Najib yet. Since Najib is known for not taking his boss 'dari belakang', it seems that Najib would quietly settle for the deputy president's post and perhaps, looking at Tengku Razaleigh as his new boss.
I remember a friend telling me sometimes ago, 'if you don't have a 'killer instinct', you better not be in politics'.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, UMNO has no capable leaders anymore. Umno is doomed and waiting to be dissolved sooner or later. Just look at he really capable? He has no vision, he has no strength to lead, he's no real leadership quality, he's more like lalang..just can't think on his own. He'll sway with the 'power' that be..he's not a real leader but always being led especially by Rosmah! He would be easy target by opposition with all 'mysteries' and 'secrecies'surrounding him.
Zahid? Ali Rastam? or Muhammad Taib? Ahaks...They cant even add one and one together... UMNO is doomed!

Boston Kusatsu

ChengHo said...

Tim President UMNO is destiny to be defacto no 2 for Putrajaya . we need a capable leader at the world stage not Jaguh Kampung material . Rafidah and Rais yatim apart from Muhyiddin up to the mark for no 2
we are not running a popular song contest here otherwise Siti Norhaliza will win we are looking to put the right person for the right job
anyone for RAFIDAH?
let's have great debate on tv for all the candidates to discuss political,economic ,international relation,religion issues,etc
get Mahathir Lukman to become the moderator.