Monday, October 6, 2008

Najib queried Zahid Hamidi on top post?

CAN someone confirm this for me - I was made to understand that Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, an aspirant for the deputy president post in Umno, had a pow-wow with Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak earlier this evening (Monday).

Zahid, once Najib's political secretary and now a Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, had announced his interest to vie for the number two post. I'm not sure whether Zahid sought the meeting with Najib or he was summoned by the Deputy PM.

Zahid's declaration to make a bid for the top post was met with much talk on the ground. I'm also told that a few divisions had begun to give a second thought as to who they would nominate to contest the number two post, especially in Perak.

These divisions, who had earlier hinted strongly that they would back Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, a front runner in the race despite not officially announcing his interest, had begun to waver and may opt for Zahid instead.

Sources close to senior Umno leaders said it wasn't a happy meeting the two had. In Umno's tradition, the behind-the-scene deals are just as important, if not more, than the public announcements.

Zahid's announcement had caught many people by surprise, and Najib was believed to be one of them. In Umno politics, not telling your boss of your intentions can yield a somewhat awkward situation.

Questions: What transpired at the meeting between Najib and Zahid (if indeed it took place?). Would Najib discourage Zahid from proceeding to seek nominations? What reasons Zahid offered by way of justifying his intention?

At this point in time, Zahid, Malacca Chief Minister and Vice President Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and Tan Sri Mohamad Rahmat's son, Datuk Nur Jazlan, are the only ones who had openly declared their interest to contest. The other vice president, International Trade and Industry Minister, Muhyiddin, has yet to publicly expressed his desire to contest.

Question: Must an aspirant explain to his boss his reasons to contest? Would Ali and Nur Jazlan be also hauled up like Zahid? Is this a form of an unofficial 'vetting' before a potential candidate can try to advance his political career?

This is the Umno way, the intrigue that's been practised over the years. Some commentators said Zahid is being planted to contest to put a check on Muhyiddin, seen to be a strong critic of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Muhyiddin has been speaking up and made strong statements that Umno must reform itself, starting from the top.

In the next few days, some of these questions will be answered. Just be patient.


Anonymous said...


Zaman lapor kat boss dah habis. UMNO tak boleh lagi berpolitik seperti biasa. We have to change it, now. Btw, saya menulis mengenai "Apa Kurang Nur Jazlan? Apa Lebih Sarah Palin." Dijemput Dato membacanya di

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Zahid Hamidi sudah terbukti 'lalang' sebelum ini, pernah menjadi 'lallang' dan untuk terus menjadi 'lalllllang' bukanlah sesuatu yang sukar baginya. Bertalam dua atau lebih muka asalkan menguntungkan dikira 'halllalll'.

Justru Zahid Hamidi hanya mengikut arahan 'boss' dan bila lagi satu 'bosss' panggil, tentu tidak menjadi masalah kepadanya untuk merapatkan diri dan mengakurkan diri kepada apa jua saranan kepada boss atau bosss nya. Walaupun ada seketika kita melihat Dolah dan Najib berada di dalam perbezaan tetapi mereka sebenarnya serupa dan sama.

Apapun keputusan Dolah, dia tidak akan sama seperti yang kita jangkakan, Dolah tidak akan membuat keputusan yang melegakan pihak majoriti, dia akan meninggalkan kesan dan impak gila kuasa dan kepentingan keluarga sebagai pendahulu dalam segala hal.

mananbuyong said...

Dear Ahmad,

It is a known fact that Ahmad Zahid and Najib goes a long way back in politics... and a very thick one at that.

I cannot believe Zahid acted on his own in this matter of offering himself for the deputy presidency.

Given also the fact that Zahid could, and have, the blind loyalty to do what his boss ordered as has been proven when he admitted to follow Anwar's instruction to open up the issue of cronyism many years before... for which he publicly apologised..!

So, my take is that his announcement is a signal from his boss - Najib - to at least 2 people:

1. To Pak Lah to not dilly dally. Please let's get on with it soonest possible.

2. To other people, especially those amnbitious ones who eyes the Deputy presidency, not to be too ambitious and take things for granted.

Anonymous said...

Dato, among my circle of friends who are CEOs/ MDs / Corporate mgrs,etc.. we prefer Mahyudin team up with Rafidah. (Najib has 1 very heavy baggage tagging him- his roomate.) Many who have dealings with them said both can deliver results. If Khairy is still in UMNO, next election UMNO will be wiped out. that makes us risau betul for our children future. most of us voted opposition in last election to get rid paklah & KJ

Bung Karno said...


Zahid antara yang paling pandai survive dalam politik. Itu saja matlamatnya.

Dengan Tun M dia pura-pura baik. Dengan Paklah dia penyambung Islam Hadhari dan tumpang senang untuk diri. Dengan Najib dia tabik sebagai ex-boss. Dengan Anwar Ibrahim dia masih ex-boss dan kawan rapat.

Belum pernah dengar Zahid menghentam Anwar. Yang pasti kalau kes Anwar diputuskan di mahkamah syariah, Zahid boleh tolong sebab dia menteri agama yang control JAWI.

Kalau Zahid jadi Timbalan Presiden, belum tentu Najib selamat. Bila nampak peluang, Zahid tikam Najib dari belakang dan bagi laluan pada Anwar rampas UMNO atau tumbangkan Najib dan BN.

Zahid sebagai Timbalan Presiden
adalah impian untuk Anwar.

ChengHo said...

for Tim President only 3 credible candidates;
1-rais yatim
2-rafidah aziz
3-muhyiddin yassin

anyone for kak rafidah?