Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's the message from these pictures?

POLITICS is about power. Or the perception of power. And this was amply shown in these pictures posted on Agenda Daily tonight. The pictures carry significant meanings of their own in the country's changing political landscape.
When I was told that Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin would attend a Hari Raya open house hosted by one-time Umno Youth Secretary Datuk Raof, I found it a bit hard to believe.
But when I was told the two would be joined by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, I knew my friends were pulling a fast one, with due respect. But when the sms kept coming, I knew that Raof was serious. I got a lift to Raof's house and saw an anticipating crowd. Muhyiddin was already there, as did a host of VIPs. Tun Mahathir and wife came around 8.45pm and the couple were immediately swarmed by adoring fans. Waiting at the main table was Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar. Najib was the last to arrive and made his way through the crowd to the main table. All eyes were on the three main actors. There were smiles and handshakes and everything seemed alright. Or in place. Strange, but not so strange. At one time not too long ago, it wasn't politically correct to be seen with Tun Mahathir! You and I know how some VVIPs took the safe route and not want to be caught dead in the company of Tun Mahathir. Today, it's the coolest thing to be seen with him! It was quite obvious that the other guests were fond of the two Tuns. Favourite singer Datuk Siti Norhaliza sang two songs, much to the delight of her fans and guests. Everyone was watching everyone else's body language. The three special guests were seated side by side. When I asked a friend to describe the scene, he said the encounter was 'warm.' In fact, at one point, Tun Mahathir moved his chair closer to Muhyiddin (probably to make sure that nothing was amiss in their conversation). Or was it discussion. Najib left first, followed by the two Tuns. The crowd clapped as the couple left, followed by Muhyiddin. I did say in a previous posting that it's worthwhile to observe who does what with whom, who's seen with whom, and where they are sighted. Tell me, what do you make out of this encounter?


Unknown said...

"Tell me, what do you make out of this encounter?"
a better UMNO and certainly to better country called Malaysia. Inshallah.

Legal Cat said...

Wow! That's really was a 'coincidence'...

TPJ said...

Salam Datuk,

I was going to start on my latest posting as regards to ground zero as you have suggested but couldn't resist an entry here first because of yesterdays "juicy" event (and trust me, I wasn't referring to Siti Nurhaliza, she'll have to play second fiddle to this one).

Needless to say, when things are going ahead according to one's plan albeit not quite to the "T", one would think it too troublesome to repair the small chinks because the BIGGER problem has been removed and it is believed that everything will fall in it's perfect place having got rid of it.

Tun went around the world looking for a leader with "balls" to replace Badawi. When he was upset with Najib, he thought Muhyiddin was a fitting substitute, then mentioned Rais then according to Rocky, Tengku Razaleigh in the final stages.

Now it seems he's back with Najib as the best man because he is seen as the runaway winner in this whole fiasco while all the risky and non-profitable effort was put in by more deserving politicians and their supporters in pressuring the Mr Badawi out of office.

Tun reminds me of Clint Eastwood's title movie "Any Which Way But Lose".

I have a right to speak of Tun this way because while most other politicians or UMNO members with position in their divisions, treated him like a leper at one time, I was there proud to be in close proximity.

I think Dato' Sri Najib would make a model Prime Minister, if he is willing to travel light and leave his baggage in its place. Tun thinks so too and so do the 22 odd million rakyat.

But the man who can best repair the party is left out in the wilderness after having played a major role (after the brave Muhyiddin Yassin )in shaking the chair from beneath Mr Badawi. This is due to the system created by Tun.

I shall continue with this in my blog.

Interesting times are ahead of us Datuk. Even Mr Badawi will prefer to lose sleep than to miss the outcome.

I say the fat lady hasn't sung yet and Najib should hold on to popping the champaign.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Mungkin suasana Syawal menjadi alasan dan dipergunakan untuk melihat satu 'kebetulan' tetapi mungkin agak terlalu awal untuk mengujudkan suasana sebegiturupa sebagai 'adegan yang tidak mahu disaksikan' oleh satu pihak lain.

Jika peralihan kuasa yang ikhlas akan diteruskan, suasana tadi (menghormati pemimpin lama dan berbaiksangka) menjanjikan satu kerajaan yang lebih harmoni dan disokong, dan inilah satu kesilapan kecil yang Dolah abaikan semasa pemerintahannya. Satu kesilapan kecil yang akhirnya dibayar olehnya dengan harga yang paling tinggi, turun dengan hormat secara paksa.

Anonymous said...


ChengHo said...

the stage is set for the next leadership of UMNO and Malaysia .
people have spoken whom they want in UMNO div meeting .
deputy president-Muhyiddin
vp- Hisham , Shafie ,Zahid ( all in their 50 s)
committe; leaders in their 50 's

can somebody politely advice Ali and mohd taib to withdraw from deputy president nomination.

Ali and mohd taib are good leaders in the mould of the late tun Ghaffar leader for rakyat but today we are looking for a world stage the right person for the right job.

Anonymous said...

We all happy as long good for the people, UMNO and Malays in particular cos i don't trust DS PKR tu

Anak Masa Darurat 1948

Knights Templar said...

Boss... There are NO Permanent Enemies and no Permanent Friends in Politics ... Didnt the Doc Say that ? Coincidence ? C'mon...when Tun is concerned Incidence ada lah ...mana ada Coincidence.

Temuljin said...

Tuk Mat,

Apa kata kita buat satu peraduan dgn Gambar gambar saperti begini and get the public to post what they think these guys are talking to each other...especially the one having Hamid Albar turning his physical attention away but not his eyes. he he.
It can be fun.
Frankly I am overdosed of politics,assumptions,speculations and defamation.
Anyway, a credit to Raof and gang for making this do happenned.
Berkat Aidil Fitri.


Anonymous said...

...that mahathirism is back. For better or for worse.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato',

Betul macam yang Dato' tulis tempoh hari. Saya tumpang gumbira dengan gambar-gambar ini. Syukur semoga gandingan yang mantap akan menstabilkan UMNO/BN dan mengukuhkan lagi ekonomi kita. My instincts tell me that things are beginning to change for the better. I hope my instincts are right.

Apa pun kita sentiasa memohon perkara yang baik.


Anonymous said...

More pictures please

Mohd. Ramesh

Anonymous said...

Wow Datuk

Gambar you dengan Muhyiddin ada dalam blog Jelapang

Anonymous said...

I cringe inside.


Yan said...

Datuk, I like the notion used by tpj "if Najib knows how to leave his baggage behind". She, to me is getting overweight everyday and should be locked in a closet for good, if Najib want to survive.