Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tee Keat, Soi Lek - show them the way!

A NEW day begins for the MCA. With Datuk Ong Tee Keat at the helm, and assisted by Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek as his number two, the MCA is on a path of reinvention. In fact, some say that the second biggest party in the BN coalition is actually on a path of redemption.

That OT Keat, the Pandan MP, was going to win was a given in many people's mind. Cool and articulate, OT Keat has done well for himself to have reached the pinnacle in the party which he has served so much and so well.

I remember visiting his operations room in Kg Pandan just a few days before the 1999 general election. He was with his party colleagues, strategizing. He was known as the Lone Ranger, preferring not to be identified with any faction or group.

His rise has been gradual, slowly but surely. His supporters may disagree, insisting that their man has been spectacular. While this may be so, OT Keat have much to do to convince the party and BN components that he's the best person to redeem damaged MCA pride.

He'll do well, I think, partly because he's unassuming. He may not be a charismatic person, but he's known to work hard and have his heart in the right place. Much is expected of him, not just within the MCA but within the bigger BN entity.

He once told me: "I know only one thing - that I have a lot of work to do and so little time to do them. But I'm determined, and the people know that. I don't give up. I intend to stay the course and serve the party and country as best as I can."

As for Dr Chua, I've known him when he was an EXCO member of the Johore Government under Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman. Dr Chua was the exco in charge of the environment, and I remember participating in 'Environmental Walk' campaigns in JB.

I last met him in Kuching just before the fasting month. There was already talk then that he would be making a bid for one of the top posts. I asked him what post and what his plans were: "I see vast changes in our country's political landscape. Obviously, we can't win back those lost grounds using the same old tactics. We must change, and I want a role in that change-making exercise."

His return to national MCA politics is short of a miracle, a point his supporters will protest vehemently! What else can it be? Their man has never stopped working for the party, they said. For MCA members to accept him after his video scandal which resulted in his resignation from his Health Ministry portfolio, Dr Chua must have felt greatly vindicated.

Will he seek revenge and re-enter MCA top decision-making body with a heart of vengeance? I don't think so. The perception, by and large, is that Dr Chua is a good party person, and has the capabilities to deliver.

We will see if the top two leaders can work well as a team. This can only happen if they remove whatever excess baggages they may have and focus on party rebuilding. Mind you, the re-inventing process includes the rise of Datuk Ng Yen Ten as a vice president.

I believe the changing political mindset is being manifested at all fronts and levels, the MCA included. The members have shown their preferences. It's now time for work and set the direction for the coming years and battles.

This has been a watershed MCA assembly. If the new leaders can start work immediately, stop undermining each other, there is no reason why it can't do well and perhaps regain some of its lost glitter.

PS - Is there a lesson here for Umno and the MIC, the other two original partners of the then Perikatan or Alliance?


Anonymous said...

Changing of the Guard

Congratulations to the MCA. For better or for worse, they have taken the step. UMNO as the backbone of Barisan should have sorted out the guards before the other component parties. But nothing is ever too late.

Lets have a look at the BN direct membership idea now.

Apanama said...

Think Abdullah should go on leave ... to prevent further humiliations to Umno and the Government of Malaysia.

When people have already realised that the Emperor is Naked, its only logic for him to run and hide somewhere far from the rakyat.

If the Emperor thinks he is still covered in silk & satin, the may God Bless Him.

Anonymous said...

Whoever became president and deputy president of mca would not change its destiny. The party is going to close shop in the next election.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Seperti Ruhaie Ahmad yang menawarkan diri untuk bertanding Majlis Tertinggi, maka Dolah juga wajar mempertimbangkan semula dan menawarkan diri untuk dicalonkan jawatan Presiden, masih belum terlambat.

Kalau Chau So Lek yang dikaitkan dengan 'video sex' boleh memang tentulah Dolah tidak bermasalah, dia lebih bersih dari itu (mungkin).

Dolah akhirnya terperangkap memberi kenyataan dengan umpan umpan yang Mahathir sediakan.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Dalam politik pun sudah ada petanda samada hayat politiknya seseorang pemimpin sudah sampai ke penghujung ataupun tidak berdasarkan respon ahli parti atau rakyat.

Tetapi manusia sukar dan takut mati.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to MCA.

Party in concert OTK&CSL if you speak for yourself I think you know the answer. The question is can MCA actually represent the (C) community, if not MCA is a dead duck......

Anonymous said...

For Dr Chua Soi Lek to have won the Deputy President's post indicate that he must have been someone who delivers. Time for UMNO to choose people who can deliver not just at the national level but internationally too.


Anonymous said...


Match the numbered points with the points in alphabetical order:

1. You can screw some people all the time.
2.You can screw all the people some of the time.
3.But you cannot screw all the people all the time.

a. Chua Soi Lek
b. MCA