Monday, October 6, 2008

Hurry up! Any more Nur Jazlans?

WITH all due respect, is Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamad really serious in offering himself as a candidate for the Deputy President's post in Umno? Is his political tutelage complete, or is he still on a learning curve?

Offering oneself as a candidate for such a top post is a serious matter. Jazlan has every right to make a bid for any posts in Umno, but has he got the credentials to go for the number two spot?

It's one thing to have balls, and he showed that in JB when Johor Umno met Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after the general election. That meeting set the discussion for the transition plan. And Jazlan was one of the few who spoke for change in Umno top leadership.

But offering himself to be a candidate for Deputy President takes more than balls. You know what I mean.

Or is Jazlan trying to capitalise on the issue and make himself seen and heard amidst all the political hoo-ha that's going on! In politics, it's very important that one is heard and seen, never mind if one makes sense or not.

Politicians need visibility. They need to be talked about. They need to position themselves. From time to time, they need to remind the electorate that they are still around, still making noises, still relevant.

I won't be surprised if Jazlan makes another announcement soon that he's dropping the idea, and that he'll be happy to be nominated to serve as Supreme Council member, and still able to contribute at the highest level.


Anonymous said...

He is a non starter! Talk only for free publicity. What a way to get the entire nation to sit up and take notice.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Jazlan has something going on upon his what you said,it takes more than balls to contest for post as Deputy President.

one for sure is that politician need to visible in order to sustain in suprise that Jazlan uses this opportunity to appear "important" and still "relevant" to his UMNO fellows.

Unknown said...

who is jazlan actually?

this name is still unfamiliar to us all.out of the blue,he declared to offer himself for the 2nd highest position in UMNO.

Jazlan,a blogger and also an accountant,is now two term Kulai MP.for anyone who wishes to know more about Jazlan may do so at his website

he said that he offers himself because the voice of young people plays an important role in UMNO.also he claim of wanting to push UMNO for changes.

whether if that his real intention to contest or that is just the tip of the iceberg,only he knows.

last but not least,if he still determine to compete with other seniors for the Deputy President then luck is the thing he need the most because all his other opponents are far more influential than him.

Anonymous said...

its good he is there.

when everyone made their comparison, they will be able to see how mediocre abdullah's men are compared to a young upstart.

ali, mat taib and zahid is all politics and pout of date.


Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Kalau anak muda buat hal, kita boleh maafkan, tapi kalau dah tua bangka, veteran, orang dah maki hari hari pun masih tak sedar diri - ini yang buat kita fening.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me. Nur Jazlan who? Where do all these jokers come from. Ohh I forgot UMNO


TPJ said...

While I was listening to several people taking a dig at Jazlan for his bid, one fellow from Bukit Bintang asked us to compare him and the other two candidates on their acedemic qualifications and also to what extent each were tainted with either scandals or the miscarriage of power and trust. He also asked who would be able to hold his own in an International forum representing the country with adequate knowledge of the economy? Suddenly everyone took notice and agreed that Jazlan came out tops on all counts. You can keep him up there for now even when Mat Taib declares his bid for the same.

So until, someone like Muhyiddin steps up to the plate, Nur Jazlan looks like the "fitting candidate" to be our Deputy Prime Minister, ie. if clean an intelligent politicians are the order of the day for the future of the Country.

Allahu Alam.

JournoDownUnder said...

Salams to all! There's a Malay saying "Tak kenal maka tak cinta". Just because you don't know Nur Jazlan doesn't mean he's no good. I've had the privilege of working with him in the past and his political tutelage, if not complete, is, simply put, way above Khairy! The two-term Pulai MP is the son of our former minister, Tok Mat.

Ahmad A Talib said...

Dear JournoDownUnder,

TQ for your comments, which I truly appreciate. I do know Jazlan, enough to be frank about my views on him. In my posting, I did not say Jazlan is not good. I do recognise the young man's talent and I also acknowledge his contribution when Umno Johor met Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after the general election. Jazlan was one of 3 persons who got the balls to say what he said in Johor. But I do believe that he should be a bit patient in this particular case.

If in football, Theo Walcott is a gem of a player, but captaining Arsenal or England may be an injustice to the player. Salam.