Sunday, October 26, 2008

Was there retraction on a Star alert?

A SUBSCRIBER to the Star newspaper alert asked me if I know anything about a news alert sent out on Thursday about the Umno assembly. He forwarded me the alert which says: "Abdullah: Umno supreme council meeting on Oct 30 to discuss holding party polls in December as original, but transition still in March."

The alert triggered much debate among Umno members and watchers.

I asked an ordinary supreme council member and he said he was "not unhappy" at the opportunity to try and convince the other council members to get the assembly be held in December as originally planned.

But later in the night, a television news bulletin made no mention of the supreme council meeting on Oct 30, and the discussion on assembly dates. Instead, the news bulletin said the assembly will still be held in March.

I waited for the newspapers the following day. Still no mention of anything that resembles the Star alert. What happened? The Star alert got it wrong? There was a retraction of the story?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made references to the Umno assembly in Beijing where he was on official assignment. I hope there could be some explanation to this. If none is forthcoming, Star alerts could lose of its credibility.


. said...

Biasalah, Dato .. kesilapan teknik :)


Mat Cendana said...

You mean there is NO plan to discuss about holding it in December then?? Darn, all this while I thought there is; based on that SMS! I had not scanned through the papers as you have, for I simply assumed this to be true.

Anonymous said...

"Star alerts could lose of its credibility. "

That's funny.
Wat credibility?
Remember how it reported HIndraf? One-sided reports of a police bleeding but little about the ordinay Indian at the march...
BErSIH? It showed a photo of a traffic jam..
Over the GE, record crowd sizes at DAP ceramahs in Penang were blanked out as they continued to delude themselves about Barisan's strength...
So credibility? HA HA HA HA.
A pinch of salt, Datuk.

ChengHo said...

UMNO election and transition to Najib must be done by dec .
the ground is looking forward with a good feeling factor for PakLah to leave by dec 2008 .

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Berdasarkan Paklah yang mempengaruhi UMNO dalam 'flip dan flop' sudah tentu apa yang dilaporkan Star tidak wajar dipertikaikan.

Anonymous said...

Datuk ni buat-buat tak tau pulak. ofcourse your ppl still in nst could and had probably told you that there were two PCs by Pak Lah in beijing that night. the end results r as u see it. nothing wrong with the star alert.