Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't know, Don't do, Don't Care!

THREE seasoned travellers - one an engineer, one a junior (young) millionaire and one an NGO person - took a ride to the east coast yesterday and couldn't find the hotel which they've confirmed booking.

The KLites, they were returning from Terengganu and moving towards Kuantan after stopping for dinner at Kuala Kemaman. It was about 11pm when the trio made their way to Cherating, looking forward to a hot shower and a big bed.

They've travelled this road for years. And yet they couldn't locate the resort which was located between the Impiana and The Legends - all because the resort signage has faded, and the resort management did not bother to make good the old signboard.

In the end, after about 45 minutes of searching, the trio checked in into the Residence Inn and immediately jumped into bed after a road tour that started from 5.30am on Wednesday (Oct 15). The tour includes several boat rides, climbing steep staircase and a mandatory stop for satar and otak-otak at Kuala Kemaman.

How are we going to seriously promote domestic tourism when those in the business cares very little about such things as the signage guiding paying tourists to the resort. Cherating, as I've written before, have much to offer but is missing out simply because many are indifferent about their work and industry.

I feel like informing the Pahang MB, Datuk Seri AdnanYaacob, about such unprofessional attitude of those in the tourism business. I can't expect Adnan - Pak Long to some of his buddies - to inspect every signage and keep reminding the tour operators to be more aggressive.

But where's his Tourism EXCO? Shouldn't he or she make proper effort to find out what else is lacking? If the State or the industry doesn't pay attention to such details, Pak Long should just haul these people up or sack them.

What about the resort - forget about it. Check in into the Residence Inn instead.


Anonymous said...

the trio just should stop at any mosque for a nice cold shower and a good nap..(don't worry..!,cause there will be wake call early morning,when suboh azan)

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Malu bertanya, sesat jalan - begitulah agaknya yang terjadi kepada kepimpinan yang akan pergi.

Masalah papan tanda kurang jelas atau berkurangan, termasuklah hilang dan tidak diselenggarakan dengan baik ujud di mana sahaja.

Tidak perlu jauh sampai ke Pahang dan menasihati MB, memadailah di depan mata kita, Kuala Lumpur, kita mampu sesat berpuluh kilometer dan tersasar jauh kerana papantada tunjuk arah yang tidak berada di jarak yang betul atau pandu arahnya hilang tiba tiba sedangkan kita sudah berada di persimpangan.

Unknown said...

Dear Pahit Manis

At last somebody brought up this issue.

No, I'm not talking about the signage, or rather the lack of it. That’s a known and acceptable custom among our local authorities and town planners. They seem unable to master the art of road signage.

This is simply because they can’t afford to send a big team overseas for a fact finding mission when making a purchase for road signage, as compare to purchases of items such as a building lift.

Talking to tourism officers is also a big waste of time, because they steadfastly believe that there such be an element of Explore Race to entice the desire of tourist…then you appreciate more lah!!

But why I am writing is because now Teresa Kok can conveniently justify her wanting the 4 languages in our road signage. With her ‘technology’ we can enjoy ‘the highs and the lows’ of life with an assurance of at least seeing a glimpse of the road signage.

Anonymous said...


Yes, I totally agree with you on these. Pahang has a lot of potential for tourism industry.

Actually, Abang Long (Tuk Nan) has that vision, unfortunately, he do not have the supporting staff.

Perhaps, Tuk Nan should get someone in the state government to concentrate or gives preference to this sector rather than jumping on the bandwagon of ICT-Broadband business.

Due to close proximity of Cerating and Kertih, there is a tremendous potential for tourism and hospitality business.

I proposed Tuk Nan to upgrade Kuantan Airport to cater for the Air Transportation for the oil industry. Kuantan become the nexus point for oil& gas technocrat to embark to offshore.

Anonymous said...

You should also compare Gebeng Industrial Estate with Kulim Technology Park. It's embarassing. In Pahang, all projects are 'cincaily' done.

Anonymous said...

Saya support Tuan Pahit Manis. Kita ni nak suruh rakyat pergi ke mana tu, Kukup? Kuala Kurau. Tg Dawai. Sana sini. Mau jaga semua sekali, kualiti dll. Saya sendiri dah lancarkan tahun ni sebagai Tahun Melawat Johor untuk diri sendiri dan keluarga. Banyak lagi tempat di Johor saya tak sampai. Endau dah. Berbual dengan penduduk tempatan cukup best.

Anonymous said...

Tourism exco is now YB. Shafik Fauzan bin Sharif. He's a second term ADUN (Inderapura), first time Exco. Nice guy but maybe not experienced enough. Do Pahang a service, give Pak Long a ring about this.

Mohd. Ramesh

Anonymous said...

YBhg Datuk,

The signboards in Putrajaya lead you to nowhere...


Anonymous said...


Awal Ogos kami ke Tok Bali, Kelantan, cari punya cari resort yang kami tempah tak jumpa. Telefon resort bagaimana hendak ke tempatnya, dari Kuala Besut, pihak resort kata dia tak tahu kerana dia tidak pernah ke Kuala Besut.Then kami tanya orang kampung, mereka juga tak pernah dengar nama resort itu. Akhir kami telefon adik di KL yang biasa tinggal di resort berkenaan. jam sudah 11 malam, kami redah akhir jumpa jalan ke resort berkenaan, terpaksa menyeberang kubur, kampung baru jumpa resort. Esok tanya owner mengapa tidak signboard, dia kata ada tetapi hitam warnanya dan tidak berlampu. Inilah cara ia promote resortnya for those yang mengetahui saja. God bless.

Anonymous said...

..when encountered problem as such when you're travelling outstation..the best person to ask is the petrol station workers or the police stations. I have done that many time during my working stints.
..nevertheless, given time for them to improve and rectify the signages and nothing happens, then the best person to refer is Azalina!


Ahmad A Talib said...

Dear commentators,

On the night in question, the three gentlemen made several calls to the Resort's reception. They were told to look for the signage. When they couldn't see it, they called back. This time, another person answered and told them that the signage 'dah pudar' or faded.

This whole thing merely show that our tourism industry are years behind seaside destinations like Bali, Phuket, Batam. Tourism is about attitude, besides infrstructure and attractions. The key is attitude. Go to some of our tourist destination areas and you'll find people who think that tourists owe them a living, and not the other way round..susah lo!

Ahmad A Talib said...

Dear picolotikusmondok,

Politicians sometimes have short shelf life. Or they get moved to another ministry. And they tend to review projects just because they didn't intiate them in the first place! But the political head in any ministry can make a differece, if they want to that is!