Saturday, September 13, 2008

Will Zaid also advice Najib to quit?

DATUK Zaid Ibrahim, a first-timer in the Malaysian Cabinet, has 'advised' his senior colleague, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, to resign from his portfolio if he's unhappy with his boss, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The defacto Law Minister also 'advised' Abdullah to sack Muhyiddin, an UMNO vice president, for publicly suggesting that Abdullah should not wait till June 2010 to put into effect the Umno transition plan which has been endorsed by the party supreme council and subsequently by the Cabinet.

Zaid's comments were carried in today's newspapers. I scanned the newspapers but didsn't see if Zaid had also commented on deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who suggested that the transition be put to Umno members for their views.

Najb's statement is a departure from his previous stand that the transition plan should be supported. Today, Najib's statement had emboldened other Umno leaders to also suggest the plan be tabled at divisional meetings which begin next month.

If this is done, there is wide speculation that the plan could be abandoned in favour of an earlier deadline, preferably in December when the party holds in election of office bearers.

Zaid made no reference to Najib's statement which is also a clear sign that the latter is having second thoughts about the transition plan. Bear in mind that Najib is the immediate beneficiary if the plan is executed.

Zaid's inclusion into the Cabinet into the Cabinet was not via the electoral process. Instead, he was made a Senator and was later appointed to the Cabinet, much to the chagrin of other UMNO MPs who feel that they have a genuine claim to the Cabinet.

Zaid and Muhyiddin had a previous running in. Earlier this year, Muhyiddin had questioned the wisdom of Zaid's reforms of the judiciarty without first of all briefing the Cabinet.

It remains to be seen if Zaid's comments would encourage Cabinet ministers to echo the same sentiments. It looks like the demarcation line is being drawn within the Cabinet, and this may not necessarily be good or productive.

Abdullah, using his prerogative, can terminate Muhyiddin's position quite easily. But would that be a wise thing to do? And would he take the same route regarding Najib? Would the PM kick these two out from their portfolios and set an example to others who may offer another view, and not necessarily a dissenting one?

Judging from today's sentiments from ordinar members after they had read the reports, sacking Muhyiddin can be costly to the party and it's top leader. Divisional heads will certainly be reviewing their position in the wake of the development in the last few days.

I expect other Cabinet members and Menteris Besar or chief ministers to also be giving their 2-sen worth of views on this matter. Are they with Abdullah, or are they with Muhyiddin and Najib.

Whatever their choices, the battle lines are being drawn. This time, it could have a telling effoct not only in Umno but in the country as well. The Umno party leadership
could very well be 'decided' at the divisional meetings which begins next month rather than in December.


KongKor said...

When this Zaid chap first announced his reform plans within UMNO, I felt good about it thinking that finally a man of principle in UMNO is making sense.

It seems that my aspiration was short-lived when he was bombarded from within. Now, I suppose he has got accustom to the 'way of life' in UMNO..."if you can't beat them, join them". Yes, join them and continue to have the 'orang kita' and 'orang lain' mentality.

This reminds me of Tsu Khoon saying about reform from within BE END. What the hell is he thinking about?

This is about Malaysia and being plain simple Malaysian, just don't get it huh?

Anonymous said...

Zaid Zaid. Jika pemimpin sudah tidak nampak bahawa laluan kita di hadapan semakin sukar dan pemimpin tu ambil jalan mudah dengan buat derk jer (buat tak tau), pemimpin itu sendiri harus dipimpin kerana pandangan dia sudah semakin kabur.

Itulah sebenarnya yang dilakukan oleh Muhyiddin Yassin kerana dia tidak mahu lagi dipimpin oleh seorang pemimpin yang pandangannya sudah kabur. Kalau dia tidak buat macamtu bersama rakyat bersama Muhyiddin sekali akan rap rap rummmm. Minta dijauhkan. Lebih baiklah kita pimpin pemimpin yang bermata kabur tu ke tepi supaya pemimpin yang celik boleh ambil tugasnya memimpin.

Zaid Zaid.


Bung Karno said...

Not worth commenting on this Zaid guy.

Anonymous said...

Brother. I suggest you stop writing about this opportunist lawyer la. He dont deserve this attention because dia takde local standi to talk about Umno let alone criticising Muhyiddin. In fact, he is the last man you can count on to defend the party and the Malays. Just check his history prior to be appointed as Minister. In fact, he is the man who so-called reformed the Bar Council and advised Pak Lah to humiliate Tun Mahathir by giving ex-gratias to former judges. Everyone knows his appointment was a reward for attacking Dr Mahathir and also to be used as a mouth piece to hit at those who attacked the PM. His job is to defend Pak Lah but not Umno. Surely you are aware of this.

Anonymous said...

zaid, zaid, lepas ni kau bayar ex-gratia kat TMY pula...ok?

Anonymous said...

zaid is one of the best 'ball' player in umno ever since he was cleared from the money-politics ban. it is well understood why he made such a statement about muhyiddin. he, too, wants to be seen as an important new player in the party. he must be on paklah's side as he owes him a great deal of gratitude for giving him a cabinet seat. among the kelantanese, especially the kota baru division, zaid is a pain in the arse for the blunders he made when he was the head. ask him, what has he done to the umno building in kota baru? he is the thorn in umno's flesh, actually.... sir!


Sdr Pahit Manis,

1. I personally feel that the most honourable thing for any Umno/BN politician who is appointed to a post by the PM/Umno President/BN Chairman to do is to resign when he or she disagrees with him;

2. In the case of Muhyiddin, I think he will gain the respect and support of Umno members if he resigns from the Cabinet;

3. He can then use his position as senior VP of the party to canvass for support to rebuild the party;

4.He enjoys a stronger position and more legitimate support in Umno because unlike Abdullah and Mohd Najib, he won in a contest. He was voted in by the delegates. Abdullah and his runningmate Mohd Najib won uncontested. Their true strength is not known;

5. If he's not burdened with cabinet job, he can spend more time rebuilding Umno and canvassing for support;

6. If he does not strengthen his party position now, there's a strong possibility that he'll have the rug swept from under his feet. Mohd Najib is already changing his tune;

7. Umno needs leaders who can think and act, and not be dictated by self-interest and meddling family members;

8. Furthermore, if he believes Umno and the government have to change in the next few months, not being a minister for a short period may not do too much harm;

9. Umno members may want to consider seriously the Tengku Razaleigh-Muhyiddin partnership and start looking seriously for a new line-up of barisan pelapis -- the second and third echelon;

10. I think we have given Mohd Najib enough time and chance to prove himself. But he has chosen to put loyalty before everything else. Unfortunately, Umno is not a royal household. It's a polical party; and

11. As a footnote, I have known him since 1977 when he was a year into his career as a novice MP (won his late father's seat uncontested. A nice man. But do we need another "Mr Nice Guy"?

Thousand apologies if I am harsh.

Thank you.

ketam said...

Sekarang nampak siapa yg sebenarnya yang merosakkan UMNO... bukan Muhyidin tetapi ZAID IBRAHIM dan org2 yg mempunyai kepentingan terus dgn PAKLAH..

KEnyataan Muhyidin ini bukan melibatkan kenyataan sebagai MENTERI KABINET tetapi sebagai seorang ahli UMNO. Malah sebagai Pengerusi Etika PEmilihan maka lebih wajar dan tepat kenyataan yg dikeluarkan oleh beliau..

Raison D'etre said...

Saudara AAT.

Kalau dah buang semua / semua berhenti, siapa lagi yang tinggal?

Abdullah akan merasa sunyi seperti waktu beliau memberi response kepada komen transisi Muhiyiddin, yang bersama Najib dalam snippet TV3.