Sunday, September 21, 2008

UMNO minister meets Abdullah tonight?

A SMALL group of Supreme Council members led by a Cabinet minister is believed to be meeting Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tonight to "talk about the transition plan."

The objectve of tonight's meeting is to persuade the Umno president to step down and avoid a contest in the mid-December party election. Many council members said they fear Abdullah may not get anough nominations to defend his post.

Sources within the council said Abdullah seemed inclined to make way for his deputy, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, but yesterday took a hardened stand when persuaded by his supporters to "stand and fight."

Abdullah's supporters are on the ground trying to get an accurate reading of possible nominations. Abdullah's decision whether to quit or step aside would partly depend on this reading.

Based on today's mood, Abdullah cannot assume that nominations for him is automatic. Abdullah's detractors are confident that nomination for the incumbent will be hard to come by.

Divisional meetings start on Nov 9. A candidate must get at least 30 per cent of nominations to qualify for the contest.


Anonymous said...

If Pak Lah still wants to remain in power, he can take a leaf out of Mahathir's book. Under Mahathir UMNO split twice (Semangat 46 and PKR) all because of his desire to cling on to power, never mind what the grassroot thought. He single-handedly sacked his No 2 (Anwar) when Anwar was seen as a threat to him. Similarly, Pak Lah's No 2 is now a threat to him. Sack him and don't care abt the fate of UMNO. Mahathir didn't care and why shud Pak Lah. After all, the poor performance in the recent GE was mainly due to baggage inherited frm Mahathir which unfortunately surfaced during Pak Lah's time.

frm: historian

kluangman said...

Kenapa agaknya perlu MT berkali kali memberi peringatan kepada Dolah kemungkinan dia tidak mendapat undi yang mencukupi untuk pencalonan Presiden. Apakah faedahnya Dolah dirayu dan diingat berkali kali?

Kenapa tidak secara terbuka dan jantan Dolah dibenarkan untuk meneruskan kepimpinan dengan secara terbuka calon Presiden dipertandingkan untuk mengukur sejauh mana persepsi akar umbi atau bahagian tidak menerima kepimpinannya.

Mungkin itu cara terbaik ( pencalonan dan pertandingan ) di adakan untuk mengukur kebenaran. Apakah UMNO akan mati kalau jawatan Presiden dan Timbalan Pesiden dipertandingkan sedangkan suasana ini peenah ujud sebelumnya.

Lihatlah kematangan politik MCA dalam perebutan jawatan.

terubuk jantan said...

correction sir,
not nov 9 divisional meeting but oktober 9.

Ahmad A Talib said...

Sdra terubuk jantan,

thank you for pointing that out! appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

dopey has to go...if divisions still have the cheek to nominate him - in the name of trying to suck up and all that bull involving solidarity and for the party etc - i believe all will be lost.

ada berani kah?

Anonymous said...


Memanglah ada pihak yang mahu Pak Lah terus memimimpin, sekurang-kurang sehingga 2010. Lama lagi tu. Jadi, mereka boleh membuat persiapan untuk turut meninggalkan kedudukan mereka sekarang. Apa pun saya cadangkan supaya Pak Lah lawan. Apa nak malukan jika tidak dapat pencalonan. Dalam politik, biasalah tu. Sedihnya, apa yang berlaku hari ini ialah orang yang dulunya menyokong kuat Pak Lah, tapi kebelakangan ini sudah berubah pandangan, macam masuk kem lain pulak. Nabil kata, kau fikirlah sendiri....


TPJ said...

Divisional meetings begin on 9 October-9 November.

Pak lah needn't send out feelers to gauge whether he can garner enough nominations or not. The fact that a month ago we were wondering whether his opponent would have enough nominations to qualify and now it has become the other way around should be a clear indication that his days are numbered.

From here on in, he will be selfish not to leave because he is clearly not thinking of the party but to stretch his lifespan at all costs.

He may be attempting to recover HIS lost glory of 2004 but UMNO MUST cut her losses by replacing him for us to live to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Let me say this,the PM should not trust the "supporters" reading of the mood on the ground. They might sugar coated the result..and they have more to lose if the PM decides to resign before the 9/10 deadline. Do what Mbeki did in South Africa...and Olmert..


Anonymous said...

tdm didnt sack anwar coz he saw anwar as a threat to him..but a threat to the nation..