Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New CEO-blogger DASHing about!

YET another CEO joined the world of blogging. A friend of mine, Dash, had just launched his blog aimed at sharing ideas and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. No wonder he's been very quiet in the past couple of days!

Drop in at and you'll see what I mean.

Welcome aboard Dash! Dash owns an outfit specialising in knowledge enhancement and is one of the more IT-savvy chaps in town. Not enough with his Apple computer, which he drags all over town, Dash also arms himself with a Blackbery and the inevitable Iphone.

By entering the blogging world, Dash now goes into a new adventure which hopefully takes him on a world of discovery - an endless journey actually. All the best Dash!


Startup Dude said...

Terima Kasih Datuk for the introduction and warm welcome to the blogging world !

I have a lot to learn from the masters like you - not just about blogging but about articulating my thoughts with clarity and in an engaging manner.

One correction though sir, I only finally decided on blogging at 1am today. Created the entire blog by 3am. All, as i mentioned in my blog, due to sheer frustration !

Anyway, thank you again for the intro Datuk.



Anonymous said...

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