Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm connected again, no thanks to Telco

NO thanks to the powers that be, I've got my Expresscard back in service. It came back unannounced, unaided. Somehow, somewhere, my prayers were answered. I got the service back about 11am Sunday.

With this, I no longer need to go to the Internet cafe and pay between RM2 and RM3 to blog. I've made the following conclusions though:

1. The telco customer service department is a sham. After registering my grievance with them, and after they promised to help me resolve my complaint, nobody called.
2. Unless I'm proven otherwise, the telco is very good at making empty promises, which in turn are meant to be broken.
3. If they do call, I expect them to say this: "Thank you for using our Expresscard. And thank you for your patience. Our investigation into your case is finished but we found that you are the only with this complaint. Yours is an isolated case. Should you encounter other problems in the future, do not hesitate to call us. It's all part of our territory. Selamat berpuasa."
4. I may opt to switch to another telco, but I'm not too sure I'll be getting a much better service.
5. Generally, Malaysian consumers are being taken for a ride. Period.

The whole episode reminds me of a cartoon strip in a newspaper. When a customer personally went to the complaints department of a big electronic manufacturer next to the penthouse on the 27th floor, the pretty receptionist at the counter asked the complainant to enter door number 4 down the corridor.

The complainant did so quickly. He rushed to open door number 4 and stepped into a void. Paramedics were called to extricate his body on the roof of the balcony just above the ground floor.


Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk,

You are not alone.

I had my HP line disconnected many times even before my billing date and the bills never reached me on time. I am maintaining the service just because I do not want to cause inconvenience to my callers. Like you, what choice do I have, than to wait and expect for them them to be aware where they stand in the heart of their customers!



Anonymous said...

tok, that's what happens when telco bosses sleep on cash. they dont bother much about poor services as they have their maintenance departments to blame. their only concern is annual reports

Anonymous said...

Check out The Star story today about VAIOs catching fire:

I checked and apparently mine is one of the batches involved. Sony Center people said it's gonna take 2-3 days. Nice of Sony to do the recall though.

mohd. ramesh

Anonymous said...

Mana mana pun sama, saya pun ada masalah sama dgn telco kecik

Anonymous said...

Dato, kalau nak bagi markah antara 1 hingga 10 terhadap mutu perkhidmatan pelanggan di negara ini, saya fikir nak bagi 5 pun susah. Very bad. Minggu lepas saya hubungi PUSPEL. Operator yang melayani saya cukup tidak profesional. Bagaimanapun hari ini saya menghubungi TNB, layanan yang diterima adalah baik, Macam-macam ada ...