Friday, September 12, 2008

Najib, Muhyiddin speak with one voice?

UMNO's transition plan which is supposed to take effect in 2010, is under scrutiny again. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, an UMNO Vice President, said 2010 is too long a wait and prefers an earlier date, preferably as soon as possible.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who stands to benefit directly from the plan, said it's better that the date be decided by members via the party's divisional annual meetings which begin next month.

The Umno supreme council have agreed on the transition plan for execution in 2010. Najib and Muhyiddin are key members of the council, led by party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Najib's and Muhyiddin's statement are seen to differ from the supreme council's stand. And this has certanly set tongues wagging as Umno members and watchers seek to go beyond the statements made by these two.

It was sparked by Muhyiddin's remarks made in Singapore a few days ago where he said 2010 is too long a wait for the plan to be executed. This had incurred the wrath of Abdullah who expressed "surprise" that a member of his Cabinet had made such a remark.

When confronted by reporters today, Muhyiddin said he's willing to take the risk after making the statement. He knows very well that Abdullah, as Prime Minister, can exercise his prerogative is as far as Muhyiddin's position in the Cabinet is concerned.

Najib's vews were also sought on the Muhyiddin's Singapore statement. If Abdullah had thought that he would get a solid endorsement from Najib, he was also disappointed. Instead, Najib said that it's best that the transition plan be put to the members for them to give their views on the matter!

Contrary to Najib's earlier statement, the deputy president has now uttered something totally different. It sounds as if Najib is having second thoughts about his support of the plan!

Question - is Najib and Muhyiddin speaking as a team in the run-up to the Umno election at the end of the year? Can it be an indication that the oft-talked about "pact" between the two are being revived?

When Najib declared support for the transition plan a couple of months ago, he was seen to have ditched Muhyiddin and rallied behind Abdullah. Najib's remarks today is a clear deviation from his open declarartion made months ago!

Muhyiddin has made known his stand on this quite often. He had been vocal in demanding the party take concrete actions to reform the party or face bigger defeat in the next general election. Muhyiddin has been consistent in this matter.

The Umno hierarchy down the line has been abuzzed with the remarks from these two. It could signal that whatever "pact" they had before has not been fully buried. Umno rank and file who have been disillusioned with the party leadership appeared to have woken up from the slumber and has began debating the transition plan with renewed vigour.


Anonymous said...


Heard that a NST senior editor is in deep-shit for issuing a circular discouraging NST reporters nationwide from providing news coverage for Buka Puasa.
The editor also allegedly ordered the NST state offices against wasting-time at Quran recital ceremonies or functions attended by the respective Sultans and the Agong.
A not-so-little bird said, the editor hinted such ‘empty’ was not news worthy, thus only fit for BERNAMA.
The Riong-bird said the matter was brought to light by a Malay state correspondent who was offended by such statements against Islam.
They say e-mails over the matter have been circulating in NSTP group and many esp those in Berita Harian are equally offended by the editor’s actions.
They also say that there seems to be a pattern of similar instructions in the organization, particularly in the NST which overly promotes liberal views while sacrificing the customs and traditions.

Wah… they could even IGNORE the Agong and the Malay Rulers ? Must be some super mAhCai.

Anonymous said...


Saya petik kenyataan ini dari .. Saya tafsirkan Naib Presiden UMNO, Dato Seri Mohd Ali Rustam setuju secara rasmi Pak Lah berhenti Jun 2010. Bagaimanapun, mulai sekarang Pak Lah boleh bercuti dan berikan Dato' Seri Najib memangku jawatan tersebut:

Keputusan Majlis Tertinggi dan Kabinet bahawa peralihan kuasa daripada YAB. Perdana Menteri Pak Lah kepada YAB. Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Najib pada Jun 2010 adalah munasabah.

Dalam masa peralihan, saya cadangkan pada masa masa tertentu YAB Dato Seri Najib memangku jawatan Perdana Menteri dan YAB. Perdana Menteri boleh menyerahkan kepada YAB. Dato Seri Najib untuk buat keputusan penting bagi beberapa dasar seperti ekonomi dan politik.

Ariff Sabri said...

dear dato,
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Anonymous said...

Dato AAT, Its about time Pak Lah wakes up and accept reality. The writing is all over the wall that his leadership has been rejected. Not only by Malaysians as demonstrated in last election but worst still by Umno leaders and members too. I salute Muhyiddin for being brave in voicing his opinion to save Umno from destruction under Pak Lah. Najib finally found his gut and indicated his objection to the so-called succession plan by Pak Lah to save his position. I believe, Najib will now accept nomination for President and back Muhyiddin for his deputy. Come Oct 11 when the division meetings start, we will see the ball rolling and probably then Pak Lh will realise his time is over. Kamal, Khairy, Kali and others will no longer able to save him. No offence to Ku Li but I believe Najib-Muhyiddin is still the best partnership to dislodge Pak lah and gang from Umno. Today, I read with with sheer disgust of statements by Senator Zaid Ibrahim and Mat Hassan of Negri Sembilan who ask muhyiddin to resign if he does not agree with Pak Lah's rescue plan. This two jokers, one became a Minister through back door despite being punished for money politics and rejected by Umno in Kota Baru division. And Mat Hassan, who can blame him for blindly supporting his boss for making him a Menteri Besar despite short involvement in Umno. These two certainly lack calibre to condemn Muhyiddin whose contributions to Umno, BN and Govt is too large to ignore. This is the man who holds Umno together when Musa Hitam, Shahrir and almost all Johor Umno decided to go against Mahathir and Umno. Single hamdedly he revived Umno though Musa. Shahrir, Khaled Nordin, Syed Hamid and many others including Pak Lah benefitted today. Who can deny Muhyiddin for organising the Malay unity gathering to revive Umno after being declared unlawful. This is the man who had been elected vice-president but Umno members and served well with dignity and honour. Certainly not Zaid and Mat Hassan whose contributions towards Umno is questionable. In short, they dont deserve their positions today and Umno members know this. Being a former journalist myself and having covered Umno politics for many years and having the priviledge of having first hand experience on Umno politics, I know I'm right in my observation. Its time for Pak Lah to go and Muhyiddin is the man to save Umno.

Anonymous said...


The battle for numero uno in UMNO begins. Najib's statement suggest that he has suddenly found some courage to offer a different view from his patron.

If the PM says he's surprised by Muhyiddin's remarks, he must be 'shocked' over what Najib said! Bravo Najib! You got some ba;;s after all! Hope it's not too late!

Anak Bangsar

Anonymous said...

Umno and Melayu must keep an eye on the happenigs in the NST. Nampak semacam ada agenda tersembunyi untuk memperkotak-katikkan Umno dan mereka yang masih menyokong Umno.
Mood dan sentimen dalaman NST semacam pro-PR ... terutamanya DAP dan PKR.
Lihat bagaimana kenyataan2 Teresa Kok dan Anwar Ibrahim di-mainkan dlm NST.
Awas, harus bertindak sebelum sentimen serupa merebak ke-dalam BH dan Utusan.

Jalan Pudu Lama

Anonymous said...

Muhyiddin jangan jadi liar
Oleh Sabrani Muin

Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yang juga Naib Presiden UMNO pernah berkata, kalau kanak-kanak pun bila ditanya cita-cita mereka, ramai yang akan menjawab mahu jadi perdana menteri.

Jadi, apa salahnya kalau beliau yang sudah bertahap sekarang ini bercita-cita menjadi perdana menteri. Semasa Tun Mahathir menyerahkan jawatannya kepada Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, yang menunggu dilantik ialah Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan Muhyiddin.
Muhyiddin konfiden beliau akan dipilih kerana Pak Lah pun memang melihat Muhyiddin sebagai seorang personaliti yang berkebolehan. Lebih-lebih lagi Tan Sri Musa Hitam cukup rekomen Muhyiddin jadi timbalan perdana menteri.

Agak lama juga jawatan itu kosong dan teka teki pun mula berlegar di pasaran politik. Pak Lah memang cukup payah untuk membuat keputusan kerana dua orang sedang menunggu ketika itu. Tetapi Mahathir sudah kias-kias dalam kenyataannya dan akhirnya ‘memaksa’ Pak Lah supaya buat keputusan cepat dan pilih Najib.

Kesungguhan Mahathir itu menyebabkan Pak Lah akur dengan permintaan Mahathir dan lantik Najib sebagai timbalannya. Malangnya ketika itu, berita yang sampai ke telinga Muhyiddin yang Najib dilantik sebagai timbalan perdana menteri, Muhyiddin tidak percaya lagi hinggalah ianya tersiar dalam akhbar.

Dari situlah satu bintik hitam tumbuh di sudut hati Muhyiddin. Walaupun ketika itu beliau terpaksa bersama-sama menteri lain mengucapkan tahniah kepada Najib, tetapi hati Muhyiddin cukup sebak dan kecewa. Malah ada yang menyifatkan hatinya parah.

Tidak berapa hari kemudiannya, Pak Lah membuat penyusunan kabinet yang mana Muhyiddin ditukarkan menjadi menteri pertanian dan asas tani dengan peruntukan yang cukup besar berbandingkan dengan kementerian lain. Itulah cara Pak Lah memujuk Muhyiddin yang cukup pandai menyorok perasaan marah dan kecewanya.

Pada hari pengumuman itu, di pejabatnya penuh dengan penyokong, saudara mara dan kawan-kawan yang datang melihat Muhyiddin meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati. Padanya Pak Lah sudah belot dan tidak patut berlaku. Tetapi kenyataannya, Muhyiddin benar-benar terkilan dengan lantikan itu. Kaedah yang dibayangkan, dari jawatan menteri, kena jadi ‘petani’ pula.

Bagaimanapun, Muhyiddin juga telah menunjukkan satu prestasi kerja yang cukup baik dan banyak membuat perubahan agak besar dalam industri pertanian. Hubungan Pak Lah dengan Muhyiddin dilihat baik dan Najib juga berulang-ulang kali mengatakan tidak akan melawan ‘tauke’. Malah macam-macam Najib kena kata, tetapi beliau tetap dengan pendiriannya tidak akan melawan Pak Lah.

Orang lama dalam politik tidak percaya kata-kata Najib kerana itu adalah cakap-cakap poltik sahaja. Dalam politik boleh cakap siang lain, malam lain. Mereka tidak ada musuh kekal dan tidak ada kawan yang kekal. Bila perlu, mereka berkawan. Bila bermusuh, siap, mereka akan cari jalan dengan apa cara sekalipun untuk menjahanamkan kawan.

Walaupun selepas pilihan raya ke 11 Muhyiddin sekali lagi ditukarkan ke Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri mengambil tempat Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz yang sudah bagaikan bertunggu tanggak di situ sekian lama. Itu pun Muhyiddin terima kerana tempat itu adalah untuk menteri kanan sahaja. Memang tepat bagi Muhyiddin kerana beliau adalah menteri kanan. Campaklah di manapun, beliau akan jayakan kementeriannya dengan berkesan.

Tetapi bintik hitamnya semakin berbuku apabila Pak Lah sekali lagi menyakitkan hatinya kerana mengumumkan Najib diberi jaminan dalam satu peralihan kuasa pada Jun 2010 nanti. Hanya dua tahun sahaja lagi. Tetapi bagi Muhyiddin, terlalu lama.

Bagi orang menunggu, sesaat seperti sejam. Sejam seperti sehari. Sehari seperti sebulan. Sebulan seperti setahun dan dua tahun itu seperti dua kurun lamanya. Kalau beliau tidak bertempik sekarang, maknanya peluang Muhyiddin untuk jadi perdana menteri akan menemui saat putih mata. Namun beliau faham, sebelum jadi PM, mesti jadi TPM dahulu.

Atas sebab itulah Muhyiddin memberi perhatian kepada dua orang iaitu Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dan Najib Tun Razak. Antara dua ini, Muhyiddin terpaksa dekati diri mereka. Tidak hairanlah Muhyiddin menyokong Ku Li sambil menjolok Najib supaya pergi ke jawatan nombor satu dalam pemilihan UMNO Disember ini. Jangan tunggu sampai 2010.

Dengan hati yang ‘bengkek’, Muhyiddin tidak lagi peduli apa akan jadi pada UMNO dan baginya kalau tak dapat jadi TPM pun tidak mengapa asalkan ada orang yang boleh menggugurkan Pak Lah dengan secepat mungkin. Kerana itulah Muhyiddin berkata beliau sanggup hadapi risiko apabila bertindak menggesa Pak Lah mengalih tarikh peralihan kuasa itu Disember ini.

Dalam perkara ini, tidak hairan nanti, Muhyiddin juga boleh mencadangkan supaya Tun Mahathir dicalonkan supaya menjadi Presiden UMNO buat kali kedua buat sementara sahaja untuk memilih siapa yang patut jadi perdana menteri. Kerana itu juga Muhyiddin dengan besar hati membawa mesej hasrat Mahathir untuk menyertai UMNO semula.

Misi penting Muhyiddin sekarang ialah bukan lagi untuk jadi PM, tetapi lebih mahu melihat Pak Lah jatuh lebih awal kerana itulah orang yang membuatkan hati nalurinya terkilan untuk memegang jawatan perdana menteri. Pada hal, Muhyiddin bukan suka sangat dengan Mahathir, Najib dan Ku Li. Dia hanya buat-buat suka sahaja buat sementara ini.

Adalah malang bagi Najib dan Ku Li yang mempercayai Muhyiddin yang hanya menangguk di air keruh. Kalau selepas ini Muhyiddin jadi ahli PKR dan bersekongkol dengan Anwar Ibrahim pun ramai yang tidak hairan boleh berlaku.