Saturday, September 27, 2008

Has Hishammuddin ditched Khairy?

LET'S take an interlude from senior politics. Let's take a breather and pop in to the upcoming contest for Umno youth top post. Several well-known faces have offered themselves as candidates - I recall KJ, Mukhriz, Khir Toyo.

There could be more. But I'm curious as to why present chief Hishammuddin Tun Hussein didn't endorse KJ's public announcement when the young lad offered himself a few days ago.

Wasn't it Hishammuddin who insisted on KJ being made his deputy about three years ago. If my memory serves me right, Hishammuddin told the media then that he wanted KJ because the PM's son-in-law has potential, is brilliant and would be an asset to the movement.

Has Hishammuddin had a change of heart? tsk tsk...


Anonymous said...

Beb, you said:-

"Hishammuddin told the media ... KJ ... has potential, is brilliant and would be an asset to the movement."

Ahem,... plus add "arrogant, aloof, egoistical self-centered megalomaniac."

Salam dari Patriot.

Anonymous said...


Sekarang ni semua orang menyerahkan kepada akar umbi. Jadi dalam hal ni, Dato' Sri Hishamuddin pun serahkanlah kepada akar umbi. Mudah cerita. Kalau tersalah endorse, gelap masa depan nak jadi Naib Presiden UMNO. Jangan lupa, Dr Khir Toyo dan Zahidi adalah Ketua Bahagian. Kat situ saja dah ada 20 undi untuk Naib Presiden. Itu belum lagi diambil kira Dr Khir bekas Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan UMNO Selangor / ahli MT dan Zahidi sebagai Timbalan Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan UMNO Perlis. Keputusan Hishamuddin tu betullah. Serah kepada akar umbi! hehehehe

TPJ said...


It is a known fact that Hishammuddin is a fairweather politician.

Forget about him ditching Khairy Jamaluddin, it is about time that we ditch Hishammuddin.

Now that his cousin has an almost clear run to the Presidency, he is takin a peak at a higher position and has suddenly discovered his lost courage to make open statements again.

Take a look at what he has achieved for as long as he was Youth Chief and we will see that KJ despite his major shortcomings has given more in a much shorter span as his deputy.

We are fortunate in Johor to have the luxury of several capable leaders that we can afford to eliminate Hishammuddin from our VP line up.

Hidup Melayu!

Anonymous said...

Who would want to bet on the wrong horses? Khairy will be on his own now. Not only will Hishammuddin ditched him, his "loyal/balls carrier" will soon be out of his sight.

I think 5 years is enough for anyone to have a father or father in-law for a PM? you can do wonders with your life! e.g. a shop "The Emperor New Clothes" hehe hehe...

Anonymous said...


I forgot. Thank for reminding me.
Hisham is a true politician. He know the right time to take advandtage and stay away from the liabiality.


eddy said...

Hisham had plenty of opportunity to be his own man and not just depend on his father's good name to rise up the ladder in UMNO. I think he squandered his big opportunity when he headed UMNO youth which he basically transformed into a mere echo chamber of the UMNO President. He does not even shine as a full Minister.

He does not have what it takes to be UMNO VP and beyond as there are many more who are capable and waiting for their opportunity. His bravado now in respect to Abdullah and Khairy just confirmes to me that he is just an opportunist, whack them when they are down but bodek them when they are at the top. Hisham should just go for the MT candidacy because that is far as he should go.

kluangman said...

Sepertu Tun yang melantik Dolah kerana tergoda, tertawan dan tertipu bersih dan sopannya. Begitulah juga Krisamudin.

Hubungan rapat Mukhriz-Krisamudin-Najib tidak boleh dipertikaikan lagi cuma tidak dinyatakan secara terbuka kerana 'duri dalam daging' meeka ialah menantu Dolah.

Lihat2lah bila Dolah tidak berkuasa lagi nanti, bukan keris, mungkin parang panjang yang akan dihunuskan hahahahaha...

Col Roseli said...

Of course Hishamudin would not like to be seen as going against the 'arus perdana' of which KJ is now clearly seen as going on the opposite direction. In UMNO, those who are not following the 'arus perdana' have no place!!!
I think both of them are now not in talking terms. A few days ago I saw KJ writing an article in the NST criticising the education policy on the usage of English in teaching maths and science. If KJ, as Hisham's deputy in the Movement, could not whisper such an important subject as that to his boss, I'm not sure then what's really happening in the Movement. Certainly, writing in the NST is not just for the sake of cheap publicity!!! It must be more than that.
But then, 'langit pun tidak selalu cerah'.

Anonymous said...


According to a lot of people, the root cause of the present problem is not Pak Lah but KJ.

If thats the case, then maybe Hishamuddin "dah sedar dan insaf" kot.

Me: sour grapes

Da Real Deal said...


Hishammuddin? Right timing? Like when he apologized to the Chinese after BN already got whipped and it didn't make any difference?

Hishammuddin tends to attract supporters like you. The smart ones have already gone and abandoned him.

Anonymous said...

""Hishammuddin told the media ... KJ ... has potential, is brilliant and would be an asset to the movement.""...

Don't blame Hishamuddin, whether he (Hishamuddin) has changed his heart is quite normal after asessing KJ's performance, ability and thinking. It may looked like "great asset" but proven "a huge liability" to the UMNO Youth...

(Remember the reason TDM chose Abdullah then and now has changed his stand)

At least we know now whois is the true leader and whois just proud, arrogant and disable political "leadre" opportunist.

GOD bless Malays.

Knights Templar said...

Kapal Selam dah lah nak Karam
Nakhoda pula tak reti nak Renang
Hisham misti lah menjauhkan Badan
Pak Lah dah tak de, maju lah ke depan

Anonymous said...

Adakah baru sekarang baru Hishamuddin timbul keberanian, baru nak tunjuk kewibawaan dan pendirian apabila melihat aliran-aliran baru orangramai terhadap Dollah. Apa jadi pada prinsip atau jawatan itu lebih penting sehingga menggadaikan prinsip. Tun Hussein adalah seorang yang berprinsip dan kalaulah beliau masih hidup, agaknya bagaimanakah perasaannya terhadap anaknya itu. Saya melihat Hishamuddin seorang yang mempunyai potensi tetapi malangnya membiarkan dirinya dipermain dan diperbodohkan

Anonymous said...


I like Hishammuddin despite his keris-waving because I feel that's to a large extent "play acting".

Hishammuddin is so urbane. It's hard to see how his ilk, including Mukhriz, of pampered "bangsawans", to use Karim Raslan term but he din use "pampered, can take over the country and survive UMNO politics.

Contrary to some comments on this blog, I am impressed with Hisham's performance as a minister. He, in my view, is a technocrat, slaving away at the new Education Blueprint and struggling to teach Science + Maths in English.

I still recall he first entered politics with great fanfare and media support as the son of Tun Hussein.

For me, in UMNO, besides Razaleigh, Hisham is the best candidate for PM. Mukhriz, despite his gentleman ways + Dr M's backing, lack government experience. But as Malaysians are feudal and prefer the status quo, people may support him simply 'cos he is Dr M's son.

Re Hisham's endorsement of KJ. I thought it was weird that Utusan reported that there are some candidates that Hisham din support for the UMNO Youth chief post without mentioning names. But Khir was missing in that photo of Hisham's table at his open house. Mukhriz was all smiles while I thought KJ looked glum.

Khir, despite his allegations of corruption, has the benefit of working from the bottom up. I like the guy + think he is dynamic. If I had it my way, I think he shoud be UMNO Chief so that the party will at least break away from its feudal ways, which ironically Dr m set out to change as he wrote in Dilema Melayu.

Thank you.

Selamat Hari Raya.

Anonymous said...

I still think DS Hishamudin got to where he is now (in politics) because of his family - Hussein Onn and Jaafar Onn - not on his own merits.

He does not have the charisma to be a true leader. He is one of those 'lalang' type.

How is his performances as a politicians so far? Only being a good apple polisher.

And yet he is being groomed as the next PM (because of that 'Onn' last name - the same as his unperformed yes-man nice-guy cousin, DS Najib 'Razak').

MZ said...

heh ... sekali angin berubah ... lalang pun berubah.
but this lalang cud be cut this time around.

rizal hashim said...

To my dear ex-big boss,

Salam Eid Mubarak to you and family, Datuk. Maaf zahir dan batin sekali.