Thursday, September 25, 2008

Najib's UN trip off - handover imminent?

WHAT compels Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak to cancel his scheduled trip to the United Nations General Assembly? We are all very curious. Especially after it came after an earlier cancellation of visits to the middle east.

Is it really because of his new job as Finance Minister? And that he has to strategies in managing the country's economy in the light of global economic problems? Could it be the much-talked about Umno transition plan? Or some other pressing issues of national proportion? Or, is it the on-going discussions (read negotiations) concerning the national leadership?

I believe, and many may agree, that it's all of the above!

To forgo his first-ever address to the UNGA, Najib must have some very important reasons for doing so. The cancellation has met with his boss' approval.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi clearly concurred with Najib's decision to skip the UNGA. But can't Abdullah manage the economy while Najib is away? After all, Najib is only deputy prime minister (at least at this point in time), and he won't be the one tasked with making final decisions on matters of national interest, should they arise.

I believe something major and very important is brewing. Word from the grapevine indicated some very serious discussions (again, read negotiations) are taking place between Najib and Abdullah regarding Umno's leadership vis-a-vis the much-argued transition plan.

Umno leaders, especially the senior ones, have been meeting among themselves, and when summoned, with Abdullah, in the last few nights. In fact, state leaders have been breaking fast in KL these last few days as intense discussion goes on behind closed doors regarding the plan.

After yesterday's Cabinet meeting, the UMNO management committee sat down and discussed serious party matters. I understand this wasn't the usual monthly meeting. Najib lead discussions as he's chairman of the committee.

Little is known about the meeting's outcome. But speculation is rife that the transition plan was extensively discussed. My guess is that Najib updated the management committee about his one-to-one discussion with the PM on several occasions, where, correct me if I'm wrong, some form of time frame were being worked out.

The mood among certain sections of the Umno leadership is one of cautious optimism - the handover is likely to take place much earlier than 2010. Those close to Najib said his body language today was one of quiet confidence, prompting me to ask this question - is the handover really imminent?

Grass root leaders close to the party hierarchy believe so. But I'm not too sure about that. Abdullah is not about to just throw in the towel just because his detractors urged him to! He has his share of advisers who are of the opinion that Abdullah should stand and fight.

Believe me, some high-stake mind game and political one-upmanship is going on...

PS - Is there any truth to the speculation that the party's divisional meetings set to start on Oct 9 for one month may be delayed?


Anonymous said...

I think Najib is under pressure to come up with a statement that he will not accept nomination for the president's post. Until that is done serious jostling taking place.

Raison D'etre said...


Perhaps Najib is staying back because of Abdullah's moves to solicit (and reward) the Umno chieftains as to get their support for the upcoming battle?

Shahidan got his NCER sepcial advisorship (whatever happened to the other special adviser: Anuar Zaini?).

While the Rakyat suffers these Umno bigwigs are playing politics.

Star was right to use the laughing duio picture underneaths it "Prepare for recession" story on Wednesday.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Salam bro Mat,

If one is perceived as "flip-flop", the other in my view should be seen to be firm. Otherwise, it will be more of the same whereas that's not what people are expecting.

On the UMNO polls, there shouldn't be any more dilly-dally. Rakyats want to see committed and decisive politicians.

TPJ said...

The problem is Datuk, everytime there is a meeting presumably to discuss a graceful exit plan within closed doors, there is a sucker among the Supreme Council or even the Management Committee that snitches it out. The Malays somehow don't seem to be able to keep to their solemn oath.

When this happens, it upsets the exit plan because it takes away its graciousness and dignity making them postpone it further.

I'm sure Pak Lah is ready to go after all the uproar. So let's just give him space and he might do so sooner than later. UMNO members of the Supreme Council should learn to shut up and expedite the plan instead of frustrating it by behaving like snitches in a back alley of a brothel.

Anonymous said...

Everything is possible.
Najib, being Najib (quoted from TDM), would certainly trying to make AAB's exit is gracious as possible.On the other hand, AAB should not be pulling last minute's tricks or surprises on the rakyat.

Undur lah sebelum diundurkan.

Just another Malaysian

TPJ said...


Prepare for another rediculous motion tomorrow.

I meant gracious exit, not a rediculous one.

Kesian UMNO!

We will be laughing stocks.

Anonymous said...


kluangman said...

Kita teruskan sahaja menonton adegan demi adegan bagaimana pemimpin2 yang tak tau malu terus cuba menyelamatkan diri mereka masing2.

Pasa satu masa mereka selamat, pada rakyat terentu mereka boleh beralasan, tetapi mereka tidak akan selamat pada semua masa dan pada semua rakyat. Mereka akan menang pada setiap masa tetapi pada satu saat, mereka akan jatuh juga dengan hinanya.