Monday, May 19, 2008

Tun M's move may lead to some turbulence


Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali also quit Umno, going by the joint statement she issued with her husband Tun Dr Mahathir. The statement is posted on Dr Mahathir's blog,

The question on most people's mind - will the son, Jerlun MP Mukhriz, also quit? What next?


AS EVERYONE would already have known, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad quit Umno, the party he led for 22 years. Making the announcement in Alor Star, the former Prime Minister caused more than a stir with his latest move.

Several text messages I received today were full of questions and conclusions - would he form another party? Would others follow? Would his supporters decide to do the same? Will this weaken Umno? Will he be more critical and vocal?

I can imagine the reaction. There will those who will be aghast at Dr Mahathir's action and at the Umno leadership too. Dr Mahathir still commands much affection among Umno members. There are also those who view him in awe, besides those who view him with scorn and disgust.

An Umno chief said Dr Mahathir's action is akinned to a vote of no confidence against the party leadership, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in particular. The two men's spat has escalated to the point of no return, leading many to believe that their differences are far too deep to heal.

There are also those who are of the opinion that Dr Mahathir's decision would split the party, and they expect some big names to join him in this move to leave Umno. Will this lead to an exodus? I don't think so but the departure of some big names could dent the party's image somewhat.

Some conclude that this is a high-stake chess game and Dr Mahathir is risking his Queen to wrap up the game. Then again, some say that he's got nothing to lose, having been there, done that etc.

Can his move be seen as 'merajuk' or sulk? Again, I don't think so. He may be extra sensitive but he's a very calculative person - he wouldn't have done something like this without giving the matter much thought.

What will Umno's reaction be, in particular the top leaders? There will be statements expressing respect for his decision, regret that he choose to do this and the fence-sitters who will not say a word but will jump according to where the wind blows.

I don't think the matter will rest easy. There'll be reactions and counter reactions. There could be turbulence ahead, and it's best to fasten our seat belts.


Da Real Deal said...

Question is, how many MPs will follow him? Component party members should choke UMNO in the throat and demand for the departure of Pak Lah.

Apanama said...

Datuk! We will just have to wait and see WHAT Umno is actually made of.
Is all the struggle for 'Agama, Bangsa dan Negara or only for mereka dan keluarga-keluarga mereka sahaja?
If Umno members truly love the party, they should either step out temporarily or FORCE the 'man who thinks he's the PM' OUT!
The choice is still there.

mn said...

A.kum Datuk,

1. Dr. Mahathir keluar UMNO atau bersara Politik?

2. Saya rasa dia nak bersara dari politik ni.

3. Tapi biasalah 'Hero mesti berundur sebagai Hero'.

Anonymous said...

The tremors has already been felt since Tun started criticizing the government.

But we have to remember, 'berundur tak semestinya kalah, maju tak semestinya menang.' Ibarat menarik rambut dari dalam tepung, Datuk. Rambut biar tak putus, tepung biar tak berselerak...

Tun's action, seperti action beliau yang sebelum ini, has its own reason. That's what I believe in.


Da Real Deal said...

Bro, Orang Johor panggil tabiat PM ini jenis yang "ungkal". Do you think he is going to step aside even if 1000 branches withraw from the party? He is determined to let the party sink before he retires. With the likes of Najib who is subservient to the PM as opposed to the party, do you think they would have any sense to make it right? As I have said over and over again, gather all our resources and back the one who has declared his candidacy if nominated. No use wasting our time courting Najib who dares not step up to save the party. It's like romancing a prostitute who declines your advances. Double Whammy!!!!

This man is gonna ride the full course till December and if we keep on fumbling with whom we should back for President, then there will be a split in nominations and he will win uncontested. Just remember your promise to hit the scene when the presidential candidate comes down. A week's notice you said.

Anonymous said...


This is an extract from Tun's blog:
"Ramai pemimpin UMNO melepaskan kata-kata kesat kepada saya dan ada yang menyuruh saya keluar daripada UMNO walaupun mereka baru sahaja masuk UMNO. Tidak ada pemimpin UMNO yang pertahankan saya secara terbuka."

I think he was deeply hurt by Nazri Aziz's remark. Nazri has been "biadap" to him.

hornbill9 said...

Like him or hate him, he has guts.

Mukriz should quit his MP seat and let Dr. M stand for election. No
other opposition candidate, strictly Dr M vs UMNO.

No cigar for guessing who will win!!

Imagine Dr. M as independent in
parliament. Some of his former ministers better hold tight to their nuts , as surely he will crush them one by one!!

Anonymous said...

ybhg dato',
satu dunia tahu tdm dah banyak jasa sepanjang 22 tahun jadi pm. saya sokong tun berundur dari umno, bawa berehat, tinggalkan dunia politik...dan... tak perlu kita orang muda bagi nasihat lebih-lebih, sindiri pikirla, apa biasanya orang-orang tua pencen buat kan..