Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jom lari ke Bt Jalil!

FREE this weekend? Nothing to do? Wanna do some charity and have some fun as well? Sure?

Well, I suggest you drop by at the MSN Training Stadium Bt Jalil and join others for an overnight event organised by the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. Its the annual Cancer Relay for Life KL '08.

The event starts at 5pm on May 31 and ends at 10am on June 1. Individuals can register with a fee of RM10 and teams can do the same for RM100. Monies are for use by the society to create more awareness about cancer nationwide. And yes, you get a T-shirt to show that you did contribute.

Pledges are also welcomed. Do call the society at 03-2698-7300 and make your pledges.

Anita Sarawak will be among several other entertainers who will share the day with cancer survivors and VIPs on what promised to be a meaningful and fun-filled day. Jom!


Anonymous said...

See you there DATO!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

My company has contributed and my team is there for the Relay to lend support !

This is a good cause.


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