Thursday, May 22, 2008

Glorious Red Devils take Red Square

IMMEDIATELY after Edwin van de Sar saved the penalty from Anelka, Chelsea hardcore supporter Syed Nazri sent me an SMS - thanks for the good fight! Indeed, it was. In fact, it was a great game of two equals, displaying grit, skill and determination.

There was more than a dash of aggression too, as players played with no quarters asked, no quarters given. Both teams showed some raw passion as they fought for every ball, fighting over every blade of grass in the Moscow stadium.

In the end, Lady Luck chose to smile on Man Utd. Scenes of Avran Grant giving a comforting hug to his captain, John Terry, and Sir Alex Ferguson's arm in arm display of a victorious elation with goalscorer and penalty miss-taker Christiano Ronaldo, summed up the contrasting fortunes over a long and wet night.

Esther's text - YEAH!!! - was the last to come in as fans all over the world celebrated Man U's third European Cup success. Lawrence, the founder-member of the Original Man U Supporters Club, must be having his vodka soon after the final whistle.

To my mind, Chelsea could have been worthy champions too. They played very well, and defeated only by a slice of luck and the goalkeeping skill of van de Sar. Better luck next time Syed. And Bill.


mn said...

A.kum Datuk,

1. Tidak sepatutnya Chelsea kalah. Ia kalah kerana kapten John Tery tamak-haloba.

2. Patutnya dia tak ambil penalty kicks. Finally kalah.

3. Saya geram sangat..terus bakar saya punya blog dah tak ada terus. Baru puas hati.

Unknown said...

It was really tense for me as I hate penalty shooutouts and united suck at it most of the time.

Hooray for the Double Champions!

afterburner73 said...

Boring! Everyone wants to support MU.

Anyway, as an Arsenal fan watching the game in neutral mode, I still think Chelsea deserved to win. Pity John Terry didn't score the spot kick.

And whatever it is, Christiano Ronaldo sucks! He cannot take penalty kicks. He should learn from the mighty Germans when it comes to taking penalty kicks. Go Germany! Germany will be Euro 2000 champions! Where is England? Rubbish as usual, filled with MU player.