Saturday, May 10, 2008

Almost no shopping for these ladies

OOPS! Not everything works all the time at Dubai Airport! I was pleasantly surprised when I could log in to my blog from my laptop earlier because the whole airport is wired. I'm now waiting for my flight outside the gate but not after having had to endure a long wait at the Check-In counter.

As it turned out, the ladies manning the counter couldn't print our boarding passes, making everyone tensed, anxious and somewhat agitated. Some passengers were eager to finish their Dirhams at the duty free shops and they were afraid they would be late. FYI, yours truly doesn't fall in that category.

The passengers, regardless those traveling Business or Cattle Class, suggested that the staff just write out our names instead of having have to depend on computer printouts. Nah! Can't do that Sir! We must follow our procedures Maam!

After about an hour of waiting and moaning, and just as one of the supervisors was about to instruct the staff to write out the boarding passes, the IT guys managed to sort out the mess. There was a rush for security clearance and passport control and then the high-spending Malaysians were off!

As we trooped to Gate 1 for flight MH 031, I saw my fellow passengers laden with bags and bags of goodies. Such is the grip Dubai has on traveling Malaysians.

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Anonymous said...

Februari lepas 2008 semasa check in kat airport Kuching saya rehat kat satu kedai kopi...ada WiFi kat situ tapi area lain tak pasti rasanya ada sebab masuk dah masuk menunggu nak naik ramai yg buka laptop...KLIA tak pasti...