Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trivia - Kops singing the blues

SO Man U will resume its intense rivalry with Chelsea in the European Cup Finals on May 21, making it an all-English finals. Hardly the kind I like. It's no different than watching an EPL match, I think.

I saw Drogba's excellent and well-taken goal and went straight to bed. This morning I was told Lampard scored Chelsea's second, depriving Liverpool a trip to Russia. I sent an SMS to Syed Nazri of the NST who's a Blues fan, but he hasn't replied yet.

I've sent SMS to Sarban and Rashid but I guess they're still asleep. They are both Liverpool fans.

Will we see Chelsea beating Man U in Moscow, thus repeating it's feat a week ago in the Premier League? We'll see. I'll be watching the game fom my own director's box, sipping teh tarik and enjoying some nice kacang..


afterburner73 said...

Hahaha, padan muka Liverfool! Chelsea has done Arsenal a favour by eliminating The Reds. Dendam Gunners ke atas Liverfool kini terbalas. That is what we call London clubs camaraderie.

Anonymous said...


You'll Never Win Again