Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RM10k to see ManU beat Chelsea?

SO Man Utd won the English League. Again that is. Man U fans have not stopped gloating via their e mails and sms. There were some anxious moments at the JJB stadium and the sms that came during the match showed how worried these fans were.

These fans keep saying that there's a certain romance with Man U. In this case, substitute Ryan Giggs gave the Red Devils a story that legends are made of. To equal Bobby Charlton's record turnout for the team, and to score the simplest of goal that sealed the championship was a player's dream.

Now these fans are talking about the other big match in Moscos on May 22 - the Champions League against Chelsea. The Original Man U Supporters Club in KL is organising a trip to see the game for about RM10,000.

Mahal loh! Mana ada wang! The die-hards local devils argue back: "Once in a lifetime game mah! How many European Cup finals of one's team can you see in your lifetime? (I didn't tell them Liverpool entered the final and won it five times!

I'm going around to get my money back from friends. I'm not sure if there's 10k but will try anyway. Otherwise, I'll just make sure I have full control of the Astro remote on the final night! Rocky - sorrylah bro! Stokes have to wait awhile before seing any European action.


Anonymous said...

This is the last time of M.U or Alex Ferguson dominating the world of EPL. Alex Ferguson has reached the pinnacle of his career curve. Some of his baby boys who were loyal to him, namely Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes will not be in the squad for the next season. I suggest if Ferguson to remain as the most reputable football manager in all times, it is advisable for him to stop helming the club should M.U wins against Chelsea on 22nd May. Why I said so, there will be a club will be back to their glory days and rules the EPL again. Which club? Chelsea? – No way, Chelsea will be disappeared once Abramovich get rid of EPL world. Arsenal? – No way, it just a fantasy football club. Liverpool? – Yeahh..of course, 2009 will be a turning point for Benitez to bring back the glory as what the club was in eighties.

Awang Maya

Anonymous said...

Dear Awang Maya,

Your English... so teruk lah!

A Voice said...

Me a man utd man forever!