Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fish food on MAS anyone?

MALAYSIA Airlines boss Datuk Idris Jala announced a low-fare scheme complete with the airline's renowned cabin service a few days ago. This is most welcome. For the moment, the scheme is confined to domestic travels but will be widened in due course.

At the rate people are travelling, and with such competitive offers from other airlines such as Emirates, KLM, Jet Airways and many others, it's a matter of time before MAS offer attractive packages for its international routes.

I was on a flight to Dubai yesterday to attend the Arab Travel Mart, an international tourism promotion fair that attracts buyers and sellers from not just the Arab world, but elsewhere too. It was a quiet and smooth flight, except for a couple of hitches.

From the galley, we were offered three choices for the main course. I chose the fish. Suffice to say, I've had better fish elsewhere. The smell and taste of uncleaned fish was strong that it was impossible to finish the dish.

A couple of ladies on the flight complained of the static or rattling sound coming from the headphones provided to watch inflight movies. They had to miss watching Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman's The Bucket List.

Other than that, the flight was good, with very attentive flight attendants. The cabin crew was really a helpful and friendly lot. I hope Idris can speak to his kitchen suppliers and demand some real quality food. There could be others who didn't finish their fish.


Anonymous said...

The kitchen is owned and operated by PM's brother. Am sure you know that. Also MAS guarantees them profit which I don not think many knows.

Saudagar Mimpi said...

Long time ago MAS have their own catering division which provides meals onboard of their aircrafts and the quality control of the foods are primary and a very high of a standard. Nowadays everything are outsources so it will gives opportunity for wealthy bussinessmen making an extra bucks. The QC have becomes a secondary priority and compromized in plenty of ways.

Anonymous said...

That's unfortunate for you. Last month I took MH to London and happy to report excellence food-wise as usual. So this fish incident comes as a surprise. Hope it was an isolated case. This kitchen relationship referred to by Anon is for real? Is it the kitchen for their lounges or the flights?