Friday, November 21, 2008

Rafidah vs Shahrizat - lots of bitchin' soon!

THE guessing game is over! Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil yesterday announced her decision to take on her Wanita Umno boss, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. And Rafidah, at a separate function, told her deputy to "get it on and see you in the ring."

Woh! This is no ordinary cat fight. This is a do or die battle royal, which will see a lot of clawing, biting, bitching - a street fight if you may!

Rafidah wins, and Shahrizat can kiss goodbye to whatever political ambitions she may harbour. At least in the short term, that is. Sharizat wins, and Rafidah can fade into the sunset (but not necessarily to her political demise).

Rafidah is not new to big fights - she was beaten once by Datuk Siti Zaharah Sulaiman, only to regain her seat at the next round. Who can forget Rafidah's snub as she ignored Siti Zaharah's attempt to shake hands?

Rafidah grew and entrenched herself in the movement, while Siti Zaharah...Siti who?

Will Shahrizat be another famous scalp for Rafidah, described by many of her peers as the only man in the Cabinet when she served former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad? Perhaps, Shahrizat can chart a new course in the movement's history by elbowing out her boss. And Shahrizat would need a really strong elbow to do that, I can tell you!

I doubt if many people are surprised that a contest is set to take place. In a way, this is good because this is how a movement's leader should be picked. Let the members decide who they want.

I'm not sure if party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had met them. Abdullah was reported to have said that he would meet the two to work out some arrangements. The PM only returned last night, after Shahrizat had made her announcement.

In a few months, we'll know who'll rule the Wanita kingdom. This is going to be one of the main bouts in the March no-holds-barred no-quarters-asked-no-quarters-given epic battles!


TPJ said...

Salam Datuk.

Woo Hoo! Such strong words describing what will be one of the most vicious fights in the history of UMNO.

After having dinner tonight with a Minister who is also running for VP in March, I said we're in for a War of Roses. He yelped, "Hah! War of Roses? It's more like a war between a Nasty Thorn and a Rose!"

I'm sure it's crystal clear which is who ey chief?

Anonymous said...

Ayoyo! Why do you say like that? You are angry with them? I tink I know why! I think you are fed up with all the politics. I think you are just sayingwhat everyone else oredi know! You hit the nail on the head! I enjoy the way you write! Bagus, bagus...!

ali bukit jalil

Anonymous said...


I think Shahrizat, of obedient deputy fame in the mould of Najib, has been "checkmated" by Rafidah's chess plays.

Anonymous said...

Sepatutnya Rafidah masuklah jadi calon Naib Presiden baru lah ngam, ni nak pegang ketua wanita sampai pencen apa hal..buat macam Ali Rustam dan Mad Taib baru ada glamor sikit kalau kalah dan tumbang pun dalam gelanggang yang besar hah...hahh

Mak Sit

Anonymous said...

round 1 - fight!

we shall witness some of the biggest fight in wanita UMNO history.who shall outwit who?

it's 50-50 chance to win for both candidates.i'm sure Rafidah still have her loyal fans around her belt.but that doesnt mean Shahrizat should give up that easily since she's also start to receice support from wanita UMNO all over Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ahmad Talib,

Many thanks for your insights on the impending acrimonious battle for the top Wanita Umno post. I strongly believe that there is something very fundamentally wrong with the present political system.

It is a system that divides and disunites. There will be back-stabbing and back-biting. Hatred and anger will rule the day.

This is so anathema to the exhortation of unity that is enshrined in all religions of the world.

As Churchill once pointed out - "Democracy is the worst system of government - except for the others already tried."

We need a system where there is no campaigning, no contests and no nominations.

Amin Yitzhak

Anonymous said...

saya percaya Shahrizat boleh memang dalam merebut jawatan ketua wanita UMNO.sokongan pun semakin hari semakin banyak yang dia terima.

LazerJuan said...

Rafidah vs Shahrizat - lots of bitchin' soon!

Yeah!!! what do you expect from a BITCH who does not want to let go...writing is on the wall..oops, pardon me, they have yet to teach a DOG how to read!!!!!

PJ Moorthy said...

Gd Day, Datuk,

A new portal arrives in Malaysian Blogosphere!

Please do drop in if you have the time..

PJ Moorthy

Temuljin said...

Let there be a good fight. Get all the tools of the fight it good or bad.
Lets show the world we are competitive at all levels of politics.
Bring back the spirit and fire.
I am so very tired of negotiated positions.UMNO needs to show that it practices DEMOCRACY and is capable of a 'No Holds Barred' challenge for leadership between two highly respected, hard working and intelligent leaders.
Unleash the professional maneuvers they both have and show their might,power and influence in the faction of the movement.
My only hope is that no 'MEN' in whatever position of influence gets involve. This is no longer a proxy fight and I have been hoping this will happen to lift up the spirit of UMNO as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk,

Saya setuju dengan Mak Sit. Rafidah patut ikut jejak Ng Yen Yen dari MCA. Bertanding untuk jawatan Naib Presiden dalam UMNO. Bagi Sharizat memimpin Wanita UMNO.

Pertanding ini serupa macam budak sekolah bertanding untuk pilih Ketua Darjah.


Anonymous said...


You must be very angry with the present politics in UMNO including WANITA UMNO.

I agree with Mak Sit. Rafidah shoud have been nominated for the Vice Preseident post in the main UMNO. At least there is a woman representative who would, I think would be elected by all the men and women in UMNO like NG YEN YEN from MCA.

She should give a chance for Sharizat to lead the Wanita UMNO.

As Vice President Rafidah still have a chance to hold a Minister post. If not be appointed as a Malaysian Ambassador to USA for example.

Anonymous said...

Wanita UMNO needs a leader who is
very focus, unafraid to make unpopular decisions and strong-willed. She should lead and not be led.

Rafidah has the qualities but she
has been there too long. Obviously
the movement needs new blood.

Shahrizat will make a so-so leader.
She is too timid, waited too long
to make a decision. If she cannot
make up her mind fast about her own objective, wonder how she would lead the wing.

Kamilia is the one to watch. She
is strong-minded. Not afraid to buck the Exco. Stick to her decision to fight for the 2nd seat despite initial objections from
many. In short, she leads.

Watch this girl in the next
UMNO general meeting in 3 yrs


Anonymous said...

surely Shahrizat is taking her chances on this.but if we look recently we notice that Shahrizat is gaining more and more supports from the grassroots.hence that might be the turning point for Shahrizat to contest for the top post.

besides,Rafidah has been too long to where she is now and i think there's no harm done if there's a wind of change with (soon) the new leader incharged.

Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk,

Last night, for the first time in my life I met Tan Sri Rafidah in person.She looks much younger than her age. I have met Sharizat many times and she has sweet charming face too! I even put our picture taken together during Raya as a wall paper in my handphone. I am proud to have both of them in Wanita UMNO but the recent announcement and actions taken by Sharizat and her supporters make me lost faith on her. To me, "adat melayu" must be respected at all times. We cannot be kurang ajar dan tidak tepati janji! To all my Wanita friends, if you luv your party, pls. make the right choice! I am going to change my wall paper soon since I have taken many pictures with Tan Sri Rafidah last night! Hidup Wanita UMNO!

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato,

You bet!. Not that we like the fightings in UMNO but if you look at it again, it's telling the Pak Lah don't have much control anymore.
The decision to fight was even made before Pak Lah could do anything. If Rafidah wins, she can claim she won even without any ministerial post and guess what she will be asking next. If Sharizat wins, she can justify of her 'ministerial post. Let the 'Mother of all battles' begins.


mantra-indeeptots said...

Salam Datuk,

Between Rafidah and Shahrizat...
Who is a better opt in the rakyat's winning team? Who has the charisma to face the oppositon? Who will dare to scrap gender?

I think Shahrizat is best suit for home agenda since thats all she has proven.

Between Rafidah, Shahrizat and Kamilia... Azalina is a better choice.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Pahit Manis,

1. It depends on what we are looking for.

2. If we are looking for experience and effectiveness, we'll choose Rafidah.

3. If we want guts and world class minds, we'll choose Rafidah.

4. If we want a Malay women that we can be proud of, we'll choose Rafidah.

5. If we want a world class trade minister, we'll choose Rafidah.

6. If we want a gigling Wanita Umno, we'll choose Shahrizat.

7. If we want a leader who goes around complimenting and back slapping everyone, we'll choose Shahrizat.

8. If we want a leader who begs for post, we'll choose Shahrizat (she lost and she went to Dollah to beg for job).

9. If we want a mak urban that is... we'll choose Shahrizat.

10. Dato' Pahit Manis, the real person to look at is Kamilia. She could very well be the future face of Wanita Umno.

pengikut Tok Kenali

TPJ said...

Pengikut Tok Kenali, dan Datuk,
Salam dan mohon ampun saya menyampuk sedikit.


You are right on all accounts about Rafidah being a top gun maverick as a Minister but she isn't contesting for a Minister's post. She is running for the Wanita chief's post.

In simple terms, the Wanita Chief's post is one that serves the Wanita of UMNO, not the Cabinet or the Nation as a whole.

What has she done for Wanita? I'm speaking from first hand experience. I'm organizing computer classes and asking the Ketua Wanita Cawangans in my Division to helping them to obtain computers while Rafidah is sending them for sewing classes like Ibu Zain did for Kaum Ibu in the 50s. The only thing different from Ibu Zain's time is that they changed the word "kelas" to "Seminar."

A large majority of Wanita UMNO members are still computer illiterate but know very well how to sew a curtain. Is that what Rafidah has to show for after 30 years at the helm?

It seems the Wanita UMNO has served Rafidah's purpose more than she has served them.

She may have been a splendid Minister, (even that is debatable), but right now, the Wanita needs a slendid leader, not a Minister. Rafidah has proven she can't do both.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Rafidah bukanlah paklah yang akan turun sekadar kerana gertak budak budak. Dia seorang pemimpin yang masih mampu bekerja dengan baik dan tidak kurang jasanya dalam membantu negara ke tahap sekarang.

Shahrizat tidak menunjukkan kesabaran yang tinggi seperti Muhyiddin, mudah digula gulakan dengan 'batu batu api' di sekelilingnya.

ni aleq laa said...

To', kalau wanita UMNO tanya saya antara 2 jagoh ni sapa nak pilih, jawab saya dgn lantang " RAFIDAH ", pasal apa tau,

1) Buat masa skrng kita ada 2 tikus perosak labu dari Penang at a same time, lowLah dan aljub. Saya ingat tunggu dulu at least 10 tahun lagi, buang semua suey-suey, sebelum vote in anybody from Penang to the high hierachy of UMNO again.
2) Rafidah proven dlm dan luar negara. Dia perform gila2.Sharizat ni mak turut aje.
3)Sharizat fail kat LP ngan anak aljub , Rafidah menang kat KK.
4) Sharizat jatuhkan maruah sendiri dgn accept menteri post dari PM, setaraf zaid ibrahim ngan mat tyson.
5) Rafidah more like Madey, kuat kerja, born to lead. Sharizat more like PakLah.