Monday, November 10, 2008

Air suam 20 sen - mau pergi haji kah?

A ceremony was held today to announce that some restaurants are reducing the price of teh tarik, roti canai and nasi kandar. And it was officiated by the Domestic Trade Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad no less.

I caught sight of it on tv, having read about it in the blogs earlier. The radio was also full of the announcement.

I'm supposed to jump with joy at such a big decision, a sacrifice almost for the restaurant owners. But I'm not so sure. I wonder if the teh tarik would still tatste the same or the roti canai is of the same size.

Ministers don't usually take teh tarik at restaurants or any of the many mamak shops in town.They probably won't know. I don't blame them really because they are ever so, so busy.

But maybe someone should tell the minister that air suam costs 20 sen a glass! 20 sen is a bit on the high side isn't it? Many people order their teh tarik or teh O and then round their breakfast with a glass of air suam as they swallow their morning medicines and what-have-you.

I heard one argument over this at a famous nasi kandar shop in Bangsar: "Come on lah Abang! Dua puloh sen satu gelas air suam! Mau cepat pergi haji kah?"


Anonymous said...

hehehe, tok,
when the govt announced a hike in petrol and diesel prices, these restaurants were quick in adjusting up their prices... tak sabar-sabar!

then, after 3 or 4 gradual downward revisions of the commodity prices, they acted sooooo slow to bring down the prices of beverages and food.

why laaar? a reduction of 5 to 10 sen will not harm them at all. as u said, air suam and ais kosong are still being sold for 20 sen. yenney-suldrak?

i remember CAP used to conduct a study in 2006 - that the actual cost for make a cup of coffee (sold at RM1 then) was only 32 sen.

however, the bottom line here is still our consumers. if they feel they are being charged exhorbitantly, jgn masuk itu kedai laaa..

tapi kalau air suam pun 20 sen, bagi je sebijik... jadikan air TUAM!


Ahmad A Talib said...


you are rightlah! I think I'll just have teh O and bring my own air suam! I know one blogger who drinks teh c (weak tea, with creamer and no milk). Sometimes, he orders teh O and uses his own creamer! Can try lah...

Anonymous said...

Datuk Pahit Manis,

Macam kenal je blogger yang minum teh C and sometimes bring his own creamer... creamer McD lagi! Nak buat macam mana kan dah Vincent Tan mmg baik hati bagi free sauce, gula dan creamer. Di negara lain, yang saya tahu macam di australia dan britain, kita kena beli semua tu kalau nak xtra...

CT Tanjung Perak

Anonymous said...

you've said it tok. just yesterday i was at my favourite nasi kandar restaurant in usj for a teh tarik session with friends. yes, the roti canai came in a smaller size, thinner and the taste was slightly off.... now we have to pay 20 sen for air suam. in future we will have to pay more if we ask for extra kuah kari or kuah dhal for the roti canai! i cherish the days when we could have a nice breakfast of one or two roti canai and a cuppa with one ringgit in the pocket.

then i remember what my late mum used to tell me when i was a boy that during her time 5 sen could by her a sumptuous breakfast or even lunch. she remarked that the value of 5 sen during her time was as big as a bullock cart wheel!!! now i knew what she meant.....cheers tok!

mantra-indeeptots said...

The first question that you would ask the waiter when they start to collect your bills... AIR SUAM BERAPA?

To me it is ok to charge but the charges varies from one stall to another and from one mamak restaurant to another.

Just to be fair to these stalls and restaurants, at times we would just sit and occupy the whole table for just one teh tarik and one air suam.

I supposed we should also voice this issue to our pak menteri to standardise charges for air suam.

It may sound a little too much for our pak menteri to look into this matter, I supposed if this still goes on... its best that we bring our own air suam from home..

. said...


masuk tandas pun kena bayar. itu baru buang air, belum ambil air! hehehehe

Unknown said...

Datuk Pahit Manis,

Shahril Samad ni gak yang dengan bigaunye (bahasa orang Melaka) beria-ia nak menaikkan harga minyak sekaligus menghapuskan subsidi.

Dia hapuskan minyak punya subsidi supaya dia boleh cipta baru punya subsidi melalui rebet cukai jalan (untuk orang miskin katanya - bila lak orang miskin ade krete)

Sekarang ni dia macam cacing kepanasan nak menurunkan harga barang sebab satu Malaya dah bising.

Sebenarnya kita nak marah peniaga mamak bulat-bulat pun tak adil. Semua orang dah naikkan harga, walaupun di Malaysia kenaikan harga tak mempengaruhi nilai inflasi.

Punca kebanyakan masalah adalah Kabinet Pak Lah yang banyak sangat membuat keputusan tak masuk akal.

Ni yang orang Melaka cakap; BODOH TAK MASUK AKAL

Anonymous said...


terima kasih fasal tulis fasal air suam ni. saya nak kata begini. bukan kami pelanggan tak mau bayar untuk air suam. tapi janganlah sampai 20 sen! 5 sen atau 10 sen oklah. bila makan di kedai nasi kandar, bilnya sampai berbelas ringgit. dah tu, kena 20 sen untuk air suam. cekik darah betul ni!

ali bukit jalil

Anonymous said...

Hello tuk,

I eat in the stalls in PJ and air suam is free. I pay 20 sen for ice kosong. i think that's fair because the stall people pay for their ice.

kilang boy

Anonymous said...

It's just window dressing. Wonder why teh tarik, roti canai and nasi kandar only. If the intention is sincere and genuine, why not include milo, coffee, nasi baryani, nan, tandoori chicken, mee goreng,rojak, tosai, murtabak etc. When petrol price went up all hit the roof but when petrol price went down only the 3 followed. Surprisingly, Shahrir was so gung ho. He has too, after making his biggest blunder in the petrol price fiasco which resulted in unbelievable price hike in almost everything. Inflation was highest since the last 20 years. Any small reduction will be good for his battered image.