Saturday, November 1, 2008

Free wi-fi at hotels, selected waiting areas?

SALAM and Selamat pagi! Good morning! I'm glad to be back after a few days in China. It was a short visit but I saw enough of two big cities which showcased how industrious the Chinese people are.

As most people will agree, China will be the number one economic power sooner than later. More than any other resources, the positive attitude of the Chinese people will be its most important resource, one that we should emulate.

Anyway, I was also happy because I could keep with developments in the country courtesy of on-line news portals and the blogs. Going through the blogs gave me a rounded picture of what was happening, and fill in the gaps found in the conventional media.

The hotel I stayed in Ghuzen have two desktops in the lobby where guests can browse the Net and keep up with their correspondence. I'm not sure about our hotels here. I do know that some would sell their wi-fi connectivity to guests to enable them to access the Net in their rooms.

But in Ghuzen, anyone who wanders into the hotel lobby can do so at the two terminals provided as a courtesy to visitors. Most of the Net surfers were foreigners who checked their e mails - whether its yahoo or gmail or hotmail.

Maybe some wealthy corporates may want to consider donating desktops to public places where there's waiting to be done so that the public can be productive on the Net. Railway stations, airports, immigration offices and many other establishments should think about this.

With some control and supervision, the hours of waiting can be made less tiresome if some work can be done and keep the boredom (and tension) away. Companies like Dell, HP and many others can do a pilot project at airports and review after a few months. Internet Service Providers may also want to share in this exercise for everyone's good.

Benefits to sponsors? Plenty! Branding, exposure, reputation, new businesses - what can be better than that?


Unknown said...


hey have you forgotten the melamine scare and the official cover-up?

Anonymous said...

Tahniah to CHINA Datuk,

Welcome back. For Datuk's info, YAB Dato Seri Najib got the 134th nominations from 134 divisions about 4-11 pm on the 2nd November, 2008. If this is true, then he had won the UMNO Presidency uncontested. I do not know how to confirm this because now currently I am in Manchester doing a short 5 day course. As for YBM Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, a bit dissapointed for him to decide to prove UMNO is a democratic party rather then telling and showing the World that UMNO is backing a strong leader to bring the changes and move forward. please read:

Racun Penawar

Anonymous said...

salam datuk,
i was in a small town about one hours from the city of shenzen two years ago. the hotel i had stayed in was small and cheap(rm90 per night) equivalent to any two star hotel in kl.

as guest of the hotel i was able to surf the net from the six computer terminals they placed at the coffee house at any time! and their service standard was euivalent to any five star hotels of ours. courtesy was everywhere for guests to savour. it was a wonderful experience....

just a small fish in a big pond.

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