Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Betulkah Ashraf is also a blogger?

YET another former journalist has turned to blogging! He's Mohd Ashraf Abdullah, one of my journalists who graduated from the NSTP Pet Scheme in the 80s. Under the scheme, qualified candidates are made to go through a thorough training stint of about six months before being offered employment.

Pet Scheme is short for pre-entry training scheme. He may be someone's pet, but I'm certainly not going to tell!

Ashraf was one of those who was offered a job (but not without some anxiety). You can access his blog via www.jejakpujangga.blogspot.com. I just checked it out but he hasn't posted anything other than a piece to introduce himself to us all.

Welcome to blogosphere bro!


shastrishah said...


Welcome Ashraf. I've seen the byline in the NST before. I hope you will update your blog regularly. It's funny! Pahit Manis reports two former journalists blogging one after another! Any more joining Mr Pahir Manis? TQ

Kak Teh said...

Really?? the more the merrier!

Anonymous said...

ashraf? THAT ashraf?

welcome bro. we can exchange some punches here...