Friday, August 15, 2008

Salbiah, Zukiman are bloggers too!

TWO more journalists have joined the blogging world. In fact, one of them started blogging way back in 2004 while the other started hers last month. I was alerted to this by a couple of SMS sent to me late last night.

Salbiah Said of Bernama posted her first article on July 29, giving her blog title Getaran Jiwa. You can visit her at Salbiah is the Dep Editor of the Bernama Economic Service.

In her posting, Salbiah said she was inspired by her colleague, Zukiman Zain, who started blogging in November 2004. To read Zukiman's thoughts, go to

I hope both journalists, colleagues who have stayed the course through thick and thin, will continue to write and share their thoughts with us for as long as possible. Good Luck my friends!


Anonymous said...


Kalau tak silap, Salbiah Said is Deputy Editor in Chief of Economic Service...

Ahmad A Talib said...

Yep, U are right! She's dep editor in chief of Econ Service. By the way, how many Editors in chief are there in Bernama?


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.... ramainya editor

Anonymous said...

BERNAMA, that's where the great advisor of all times and all situation, Anuar Zaini is placed.

The selfclaimed UMNO motivator of all issues. Thank God I do not know him.

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star.