Monday, August 11, 2008

Cherating - sandy beach, mosquitoes, flies

I WAS in Cherating a few days ago for a nephew's wedding. Everyone stayed in Cherating and drove to Kemaman for the wedding reception. I believe Cherating has a lot of potential in terms of tourism but, somehow, I get the feeling that its neither here nor there.

There are some chalets and two-star and three-star hotels in the area. There are a couple of five-star retreats too but they are not within the budget of most local tourists. I know of one hotel which has invested new money to spruce up their resort and this was most welcomed.

I also know of another hotel which boasts of operations elsewhere in the country and overseas but can't even prepare a decent omelette. Do they also breed mosquitoes? I was told by some guests who complained about mosquitoes to the front desk, only to have one of the security officers coming around with a spray can of insecticide!

What about the retail outlets and small restaurants or food stalls in the area? There are some real bad ones. It's as if you are doing them a favour by frequenting their outlet to buy a T-shirt or order some food. And the smell and the flies...

There will always be some foreign tourists in Cherating, especially in Kg Cherating where they stay in small, wooden chalets overlooking the sea. Somehow, they find the area appealing. Most of them are backpackers and some would stay up to a week or more just to relax.

But the locals really need to spruce up the area and improve on their attitude when dealing with tourists, local or foreign. Cherating tourism should come under the Pahang Tourism EXCO. I suggest the YB Adun should take a ride to Cherating and look at things at close quarters.

Go unannounced lah. No need to bring too many officers, as if there's a full-scale entourage going on a special mission. YB will get to see actual situations better this way.

So, when Tourism Malaysia DG Dato Mirza Mohd Taiyab said he wasn't sure if the number of tourist arrivals into Malaysia can be sustained in the current year, I wasn't really surprised. And Cherating may even be forgotten, or at best, remain a holiday destination for backpackers.


Anonymous said...

I am totally agree with you on this. I am from kuantan and whenever I go back 'balik kampung' occasion, I have never missed do my routine...cursing the local government for lack of ideas and effort to develop Kuantan and Pahang in general.
If this is their standard of achievement, than anybody could comfortably seat on their chair and take fat salary every month.

It is a big embarrasing for me to watch their faces in TV talk about politics...only politics.....none of them seriously focus on ways to develop the state. Pathetic!!


Da Real Deal said...


The problem is, the local government doesn't give a hoot for the YBs unless it's a minister or royalty who comes to visit.

Local politicians don't have much clout anymore, not like before. They can yell about it in the State Assembly but if the MB or EXCO in charge doesn't lift a finger, the local council couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

Cherating is a nice place but the State Government has not able to capitalise on the area. Lack of good facilities to accommodate local and foreign tourists. Pahang MB must be sleeping.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Datuk
The few times that I went to Cherating, it had always been Club Med.
I have yet to be enticed to the other parts of Cherating although like you said, there are other hotels and resorts outside the realms of Club Med.
Where tourism is concerned, we have to bear in mind that we're not dealing with foreign tourists alone. Locals also make the numbers in terms of money spent.
If the foreigners don't find these places enticing, what more the locals.
I would think if you can meet the needs of the discerning local tourists, you would have no problems satisfying the foreigners.
Also, I don't think our tourism officials have gone out enough locally to check out these places.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that Cherating is left drifting ... it had a very good potential but no concrete long term plan was ever executed.

I remember Cherating of 1977 .. beautiful beaches and romantic palms ... panoramic view when you face the ocen from the little jungle fringing the beach!

Like your visit, my last 2 trips were very dissapointing -- the resorts were unkept. Service substandard.

I have heard complaints from those that visited the famous holiday club and five star hotels -- that Cherating was 'indah khabar dari rupa'. Have stoppped recommending Cherating to my foreign friends. Sad.

I have a suggestion ... stop any more huge billboards selling the individual states along the KLIA highway, and use this money to bring up service and facilities in the major tourist spots.

Tourism Malaysia ought to take a breather from Selling, and must start delivering!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the DG won't able to do anything now

Mohd. Ramesh

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Malaysia Tourism - Let's starting with public toilet first - the most basic fundamental needs for rakyat and foreigners!

Ahmad A Talib said...

Dear A-Boo-Lee,

Yes, some of the toilets, whether they are at the petrol stations or public areas, are just revolting. Owners of these premises should be fined or make the public pay to use them. After all, the public using these toilets are not blameless too.!

Dear Fauzia,

You are spot on! I've also seen our local tourists suffer in silence when the chalets are rundown or when the food is bad or when service is poor. They would rather grudgingly pay and complaint behind the service providers' back. And not all service providers welcome negative feedback. Sometimes, it's better to just write to the relevant authorities.

Dear da real deal,

I can't agree with you more. Not all of them want to take responsibilities for what happens in their kawasan..