Thursday, August 7, 2008


MANY colleagues could have forgotten him. Can't blame them though. After taking his VSS from the NSTP a few years ago, he left the scene and quietly ventured his way into the world of entrepreneurship. It didn't work out. They were adventures no doubt. The gains were not much but the pain substantial.

My ex-colleague Anuar Hashim left the world of newsroom photography and went through some trying times as a farmer, fish trader, an NGO volunteer, a sub sub-contractor and a host of other trades. He's very much a doting father, and recently spent days at the Institut Jantung Negara where his son was undergoing treatment.

I keep in touch with him often. But only lately did I discover that this soft-spoken man is a blogger too! True to form - Anuar is not one to blab about his plans, or talk about his problems. If you have some time, visit his photoblog and you'll find some good pictures and interesting stories.

I hope Anuar won't mind me introducing his blog to friends. Let's share the good pictures brother! After all, what are pictures and stories if not for the memories right?

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