Monday, January 15, 2007

Karim Sulaiman continues tests

BED-RIDDEN former editor Karim Sulaiman was taken from his ward in Kuala Lumpur Hospital to Ampang Hospital today for some CT scan as he continues a series of tests for treatmentof his skin diseases.

Accompanied by his wife Hawa, Karim was taken in an ambulance this morning and is expected to be back in HKL the same day. The HKL skin specialist had already seen him where a series of x-days, blood tests and skin biopsies were done.

Even though these tests were done before, they need to be done again to get the latest results. Karim is in high spirit as friends join relatives to support him in his hour of need. Entertainment writer Adam Salleh have articles of him over the weekend in the Harian Metro. Let's continue our doa for Karim.

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Anonymous said...

good for our brother. god bless. and hidup harian metro!