Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Doctors need help from other doctors

THE two doctors who came back from Kota Tinggi gave me a quick briefing just before their flight to Kota Baru at 2305hrs yesterday. Tired but satisfied, Dr Rashidi and Dr Yazid gave a quick rundown of the situation there.

They met the local hospital authorities and toured several relief centres to get a fuller assessment. Helped by MedicAsia volunteers Mikaeel and Yus, a resident of Kota Tinggi, the doctors made these observations:

1 - The district hospital are stretched to the maximum, especially when their own staff are also affected by the flood.
2 - There is an urgent need for doctors who are familiar or specialising in family medicine, A&E (admission and emergency).
3 - Paediatricians are also needed since child care requires special skills and expertise
4 - The doctors are working round the clock and they need all possible assistance as fast as possible.

MedicAsia, with the support of Yayasan Salam and HUSM in Kelantan, is hopeful other doctors will come forward to help their colleagues who are doing everything possible to help the flood victims. Please mail me at ahmad@aatsb.net or ahmad@anccmy.com if any doctor is keen to join in this voluntary work. MedicAsia will facilitate your involvement as best as we can.

Individuals can also call Yayasan Salam at 03-79584021 if they wish to volunteer. Yayasan Salam have plenty of experience in disaster relief, especially having sent volunteers to tsunami areas such as Nias and Acheh, and earthquake spots such as Jogjakarta.

Volunteers are also needed to help children in relief centres. Since they can't go to school, these children have nothing to do and we are more than happy to help volunteers who can spare some time to be with them.

In this regard, knowledge company Warisan Global from Kuala Lumpur has agreed to spare MedicAsia a few of their staff who specialises in children activities to go down to Kota Tinggi and possibly Batu Pahat this week. I really appreciate the support and understanding of its CEO, Dash, a good friend who wasted no time in agreeing to help MedicAsia.

Meanwhile, UFL, a company specialising in the distribution of equipment for outdoor activities, have also offered some equipment for use by volunteers. I wish to thank its CEO, an old frined of mine, Radhakrishnan, who responded immediately upon getting my plea for help.

Why Kota Tinggi and Batu Pahat, you may ask. Well, they are the worst affected areas. Kota Tinggi, mind you, is now an island, having been cut off from the rest of Johor. Folks, please spread the word - the flood victims need you!

Remember these numbers and e mail addresses:

Yayasan Salam (03-79584021)

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