Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Karim starts new treatment

REMEMBER Karim Sulaiman, former journalist who's now warded at the Dermatology ward of HKL for a skin ailment? Well, his wife Hawa sent me a text message a short while ago telling me of the latest development.

Firstly, she says THANK YOU to everyone who's been sending her messages and praying for Karim's well-being. Karim himself says THANK YOU to everyone for their kind wishes and warm regards.

Hawa revealed that Karim started a new routine on Monday when he was given what his wife termed as IVig treatment.

She said the treatment has been used overseas and there are cases of people suffering from scleromyxoedema showing positive response to this form of treatment. It is understood that HKL had used the same treatment on other patients with skin diseases and they too have shown some positive results.

But Hawa is a practical person. She said that it's too early to tell but everyone is hopeful that Karim would also respond well to treatment and get better. IVig is said to be very expensive but HKL told the couple not too worry about this.

Yesterday, Hawa went to Balai Berita in Jalan Bangsar to receive a cheque of RM14,000 from well-wishers organised by the MCA Complaints Bureau under Datuk Michael Chong. Hawa and Karim were touched when told that people from all walks of live donated to the fund set up by Chong.

Karim is on prolonged medical leave with full pay from his management at Harin Metro. He has been warded at HKL for almost a month now. Both patient and wife never ceased saying THANK YOU to everyone especially to the specialists and doctors and other staff who has made their stay pleasant besides giving them some hope of a cure for Karim's illness.

I suppose in life, we are grateful for little mercies. Hawa also reported that the couple's child who did well in the PMR exams last year have also been accepted as a student at the SM Sains Selangor in Cheras, which means the lass will join her two other siblings at the same residential college.

This piece of news certainly warms the hearts of the parents, whose dedication and parenting skills are showing early benefits. In the spirit of Ma'al Hijrah, let us wish Karim and family all the best in the new year - may all your wishes come true!


Anonymous said...

Datuk, panggil la Datuk Hafifi bukak BLOG dia sendiri... Sure banyak benda lain yang dia akan bongkarkan.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Datuk Ahmad,

Kita doakan agar rawatan baru oleh hospital kerajaan ini akan memberi kesan positif kepada saudara Karim.

Selama ini dia dirawat di hospital swasta.

I am not saying that anything is wrong with Karim's treatment.

I am just curious why there isn't greater interaction among medical practisioners in the public and private sectors in Malaysia.

I think for a rare malady as the one suffered by Karim, there should be great interaction and exchanges of information among our doctors and specialists.

I know you are a good friend to every BN politician and you're active in voluntary work.

It would be tremendously useful if you can persuade them to pass a law or make a rule that requires doctors and hospitals to share information on rare diseases.

Who know one of these rare diseases can spell doom to the entire human race.

And who knows by combining the resources of the public and private medical services, we can save more lives and impove the well being of the human race?

I know that your latest interest is medicine and your concern fot Karim inspires us.

Thank You.