Thursday, January 11, 2007

Doctors and volunteers at work

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FRIENDS, have a look at these flood pictures. These were taken in Johor when a team of medical doctors from HUSM and volunteers from MedicAsia did their bit to ease the problems caused by the worst flood that hit the state.

The doctors undertook a series of health screening clinics in several villages, including an orang asli village, in Pagoh, to check if there was any outbreak of water-borne diseases. Luckily, there were none. But there were reports of hypertension, fungal infection and some respiratory infection.

MedicAsia will continue to send doctors to help monitor the situation in the flood affected areas. If you are a doctor, and wish to offer assistance and do some voluntary work, pl drop me a line. I'm sure your services will be appreciated.

MedicAsia is helping to facilitate medical doctors and paramedics to do health screening to help ensure no outbreak of water-borne diseases. Volunteers may stay between one and three days in the affected locations to operate mobile clinics.

As I said, take a close look at these pictures and you'll see why we need to lend a helping hand to these folks! These pictures were taken in the Kg Sentosa Orang Asli Village, Kg Tulang Gajah and Kg Jawa Lenga in the Pagoh/Muar areas.
Pictures by Hadi and Syawal. Click on images for enlargement.


Alliedmartster said...

Our paths cross again!
A group of HAM Radio Operators will be ferrying 6 medical personnel from MEdic Asia, along with food ration and other required items, like school uniform etc, will be leaving Tmn Tun Dr Ismail for Kampung Peta, Kluang.

The group of 4 wheel drives, with our HAM operators will be leaving Tmn Tun on Saturday 13th January 2007, at 0800 hrs. If you are free, do drop by and help up flag off the convoy. We are now awaiting Touch n Go to sponsor the toll, if possible.

Thanks to these people, aid for the unaided can be achieved!

your landy buddy....

steady eddie said...

Yang Bahagia Datuk,

Bonne Weekend to One and All.A Very Big Syabas to all who had contributed one way or another towards the victims and destituted, caused by the untimely event.I would like to place on record a very 'big thank you' to all who had arisen to do their best to ensure lives return to normalcy.Yang Berbahagia Datuk AAT, through this space you allow the interaction of the people to share their view points in one way or another to bring to light pertinent issues that the everyday Joe or Jane faces in humility and true grit.Indeed many were longing forward to a grand year ahead and with the advent of the new school year, many parents just as the majority of us would have done the school shopping and book purchases early.

I couldnt help noticing that during this time of sharing and giving, some of our Yang Berhormat's, particularly those who represent the grief stricken areas conspicuously missing.I guess after all the year's hard work and sleepless nights they have endured serving the needs , wishes and wants of the rakyat , they were in dire need of a well deserved break.I would have thought that the right thing to do would have been to cut short or take a break from your restive period to see what could have been done to appease the suffering of the rakyat who had voted you in an are responsible for the lively hood which you are enjoying tonight.Your very presence there could have spoken a thousand words.Definitely spoilt for choice,it would have been the better and noble thing to do.I guess this could have be done as a matter of courtesy and respect.Here's hoping that the constituents who had to undergo unnecessary suffering and untold losses will justifiably return the favour (misery) when the appropriate time comes.For Whom The Bell Tolls....

Alliedmartster said...

This comes as a last minute call for anyone who wish to donate FOODSTUFF/SCHOOL UNIFORMS/DIAPERS/INSTANT MILK etc to the orang asli community of Kampung Peta. This is a relay message from a group of volunteers driving in convoy with Medical personnel from Medic Asia departing Tmn Tun Dr Ismail at 0730-0800 hrs tomorrow morning, 13 January 2007.
The collection centre will open at Restoran ALi Baba (behind the former IBM Plaza, now renamed VADS Plaza) A confirmed group of 13 vehicles of hard core 4X4 will be ferrying these goods to the community which is entirely cut off from civilisation.
Through on the ground volunteers, we have been made aware of the need of medical attention, to which this convoy aims to accomplish.
If you feel that you would like to doyour part, please do drop in this evening from 9pm onwards. The collection centre will stay open till departure time 0800 hours Saturday.

Dato AAT, thanks for your accommodation in posting this on your blog

Anonymous said...

DD here. Best wishes for u and Wan H. and family.
My hometown of Parit Sulong, bcame Parit So Long. Drowned and out. And while this is happening someone is officiating a Nasi Kandar restaurant down under. And would you really believe the RM100 million official damage estimates? And yet the government is putting a side RM500 million easy loan scheme to help businesses who were affected by the flood. Hmmm RM500 million stand by loan for a RM100 million flood damage....gosh guess this is what Hollywood finance crowd call creative accounting. So, you guys out there, help out the Johoreans - they really need you more after this second round of floods.


Rockybru said...

Bro, looks like you'll be making more trips to Johor. The flood's Second Wave is worse, according to the news. Its a second chance for our Perth Nasik Kandar-lover to show greater material to the rakyat and flood victims. But he's still overseas so we'll have to wait a bit longer. Btw, cab I get your sons permission to use the pics for my next posting, pls?

Anonymous said...

YB Dato Bro, lets do it again. Just like we did for Tsunami victims by ProHug team.

Remember the meeting and briefings by you at Section 13-Shah Alam in January 2005?

We can do the same and round-up the team to assist in whatever humanly possible areas.

Knock..knock. ProHug team , warm-up your engine please. Volunteers anyone..?

John Labu