Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heard about casualties before Umno poll?

WHAT'S THIS I HEAR about some potentially explosive developments in the run-up to this month's annual Umno general assembly? No one wants to give an outright confirmation but word is going around that there could be surprises in the contests for key posts.

Could there be straight fights in certain key posts, instead of three-cornered as we see today? I'm told that the next few days could reveal some hot developments which may set the tone for this year's assembly.

Candidates vying for posts were in Kuantan today and will proceed to Johor Baru tomorrow (Sunday) to be officially introduced to members, including delegates. It's good to look at the body language of the contestants for key posts. I won't put any money on it but talk on the ground is that there could be casualties even before the race starts in two weeks time.

I stayed clear of domestic issues for a while to focus on the Gaza Photo Exhibition. Now that it's on, I can resume ground visits to see what's the latest. This morning (Saturday) I attended Dr M's talk on democracy and Malaysia's future leadership. A full house, and it was quite apparent to me that many people have burning questions to ask.

They are looking for answers, as if trying to unlock some mysteries concerning Umno, the new, incoming Umno president, money politics, the confusion in Perak and the country's future. Dr M, despite fighting a bout of cough during the talk held at the Tun Hussein Onn Memorial, have got answers for all the questions. We don't have to agree with his views, but they are worth thinking about:

On Perak: "Too many mistakes made. Umno was too hasty. You ask the Sultan to remove the MB. As far as I know, it's not in the constitution. Granted that a Ruler can reject a nominated person to the post of MB after an election, but the next person must be someone who commands the majority support in the House. You started on a wrong footing..."

On money politics: "Umno members have to do the right thing by rejecting those involved in money politics. There's no two ways about it. You elect a corrupt person, it'll destroy the party. You may see some damages to the party but this is better than having corrupt leaders who'll destroy the country..."

On Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak: "Najib can form his own Cabinet when he becomes PM and this is a good time to remove those who don't perform and are corrupt. If corrupt people are chosen, Umno will lose the next general election."

On politics: "You ask me why politics is not stable...Najib can stabilise it (if he does the right thing which the voters want him to do)."


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree entirely with Tun M's comments on Perak but to each his own! Also by alleging corrupt leaders destroying the party(and the country) meant those chosen are guilty before proven, unless of course he was merely generalising? Too often we think poorly(rightly or wrongly) of politicians, police, judges, civil servants,local universities + local schools, Royals and soon anything traditional! Anyway, I digress.

Anonymous said...

A good line up is important to create harmony in the country...

For past 4 plus years is the 1st time i do not know where's the country is heading...

I really hope God will open the minds of the leaders to do what best for the country and its people!



haidan_imia said...

politik ni sangat memeningkan kan?generasi muda macam saya ni malas nak fikir tapi satu hari nanti,kami juga yang akan menerajui bangsa.cume saya sentiasa terfikir,macam mana anak ketam nak berjalan lurus kalau mak bapak ketam sendiri jalan bengkang bengkok??kami generasi baru takkan mampu mentadbir negara dengan baik kalau contoh2 yang diberikan oleh orang2 terdahulu politic,corruption and all those dirty things spttnye kite jauhi.pokok pangkalnya kembali pada agama.tapi orang2 tua skang mcm dibutakan iman dan mata hanya bila dilambakkan jutaan ringgit di depan mata!

harap saya dijauhi dari bersifat tamak camni..

kim salam pada abang ikhwan.projek PD jd ke?huhuhu

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

Truly, you are an icon of Malaysian journalism.