Saturday, July 5, 2008

An UMNO ADUN at the Istana gate...

IS AN NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) person more influential than a wakil rakyat? I pondered over this when I saw a picture of an elected politician handing over a memorandum to a representative of the Selangor Palace yesterday.

The picture showed the politician, Abdul Rahman Palil, State Assemblyman (UMNO) for Sementa, handing over the memorandum to the Selangor Sultan ADC, Komander Ahmad Ramli Kardi.

Abdul Rahman was there in his capacity as the deputy president of the Malay Students Union of Selangor. The memorandum was to highlight to the Sultan of Selangor of what Abdul Rahman described as "political interferences in Islamic affairs in Selangor."

Abdul Rahman, who claimed that he represented 100 NGOs in the effort, only managed to pass the memorandum outside the gate of Istana Kayangan in Shah Alam. As far as I can recall, Abdul Rahman is more recognised as a politician than an NGO person.

Then why the NGO hat? Could it be that an NGO taking up the issue has a better chance of being heard? And make a difference? Or the politician in him feels that he won't get far with the effort?

I often wonder why would an elected politician want to go round declaring himself an NGO person and suppress his political persona? Anyone knows?



I am utterly disgusted at what is happening in our bolehland . So many hypocrites.

mananbuyong said...

Politicians in general - from all divides - are questioned about their integrity, as never before in the nation's after Merdeka history.

No doubt there has been many occasions when particular politicians's integrity was questioned. There was, for example, the episode when Cik Gu Hashim Gera - than a PAS MP for Parit - was -expelled from the party because he danced the 'joget' at an official function.

Never was the whole politial fraternity looked upon with disgust
as it is now.

The politicians know this. So, I guess Rahman Palil is being smart.

A question arises from this perception. Do we need politicians now? Can we do without them?

If one were to look at the situations one would find these conclusion:

a) The Judiciary is said to be still in doldrums. With that the rules of law is questionable.

b) Parliament is no longer respected and politicians, from both divide, no longer seems to know why they are there.

c) The police department, without question, is unable to redeem and clear themselves from the perception that they are baggaged with issues of corruption and abuse of power.

c) The civil service is below par in terms of quality personnel, so it seemed if one were to read the public's comment in the papers.

d) The economy is heading towards disaster, anyway, if one were to read Dato'Kadir Jasin's and Tun Mahadhir's comments in their postings.

e) The provisions in the constitution with regard to the rights of the various races is being debated and questioned. Notwithstanding that it is an exercise in democracy it is nonetheless explosive considering our multiracial makeup.

So don't you think we should think of alternative steps to safeguard the country in the immediate future?

Anonymous said...


It is true. Leopard can change its color !

Who authorise him to represent 100 NGO's ? ..and Who is that 100 NGO's?

He knows if he handled memo as UMNO member, that would be no credibility at all.

I don't trust polotician, I would rather trust my neighbor goats !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

I agree with Marina Mahathir and bro Rocky and all the other bloggers who has gone on strike !

It was the character of the seer, Donald William Shimoda in Richard Bach's Illusions who said, "One can QUIT anytime" !

Datuk, its good to once in a while to tell these political f--c-ers to "go take a flying f--- at a rolling doughnut" !

The country needs people who are serious !

Single Malt

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, Abdul Rahman Palil 'won' his seat uncontested. So literally speaking, nobody voted for him.

Mohd. Ramesh

Husin Lempoyang said...

Now I understand why sometimes they are called politikus

Anonymous said...

Seorang ahli politik yang bijak tidak akan memakai baju politik sepanjang masa, Anwar Ibrahim sendiri seorang ABIM sebelum memanjat naik sebagai politikus yang kini membaiki labu - kluangman

Anonymous said...

this is the epitome of barisan's criteria for members of parliment. these are the umno champions.
this is off your subject matter but still salient, here is bung the dung head with his unparlimentary gesture, lets demand for his suspension.
Watch this for evidence. Bung the Dung cannot escape now!

bung the dung must go.

pejuang anti-bung the dung.

Anonymous said...

Win..politician..lost..NGO Rahman Palil is history in the making!