Monday, July 28, 2008

Merc vs PerdanaV6 - 0 to 100 shootout!

LEST we forget, it's not the Proton Perdana Executive V6 or the Mercedez Benz E200 Kompressor that's the issue here. I believe both cars have dependable qualities in their own way, and depending on who's buying, should be a good buy at any point in time.

I believe that we have somehow lost the plot. Terengganu MB Datuk Ahmad Said had told the media that the issue of the State Government buying the Merc is all settled after he had a meeting with his boss, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Abdullah, when stating his stand, said the State Government, having already bought the cars to replace the Perdana Executive V6, should be used by dignitaries visiting Trengganu. This makes Terengganu as perhaps the only state having 14 brand new Merc on standby for use by visiting dignitaries.

Last Friday and Saturday, however, two of the Mercs were in Putrajaya and Johor Baru for separate engagements. While this was going on, a debate rages on the maintenance cost of the Perdana V6 compared to that of a Merc.

Ahmad Said says one thing, Abdullah says another. Between these two leaders, the Malaysian motoring public is being brought to speed on the merits and demerits of the technical aspects of both cars. I wait anxiously when the motoring media would make a bumper to bumper comparison of these two models.

It does look like the Terengganu MB has defied the PM, having allowed his Exco members to take the car for a spin, to Putrajaya and JB no less. All eyes are now on the PM - what's the next move? Will we see another face off between the Federal and the State Governments?

I also hear voices commending the MB for his statement that he's not a 'hypocrite' when buying the Merc to replace the Perdana V6. Elaborating, he said many of his political colleagues have several cars in their private garage, and the list doesn't just stop at Merc and BMWs!

Heck! I've seen a Federal Minister driving in a Range Rover Sports (which costs more than RM1 million). The Porche Cayenne? Plenty around too...same as the BMW M5 specs, which is very powerful that it requires the driver to undergo full training routines before driving away with his purchase.

By making that statement, Ahmad Said didn't endear himself to his colleagues, especially those in Umno. By layman's reckoning, Ahmad Said not only defied his boss, he also challenged Pak lah's authority by letting at least two EXCO members to use the cars meant for state dignitaries.

Perhaps for Ahmad Said, the purchase was already a fait accompli. What's there to talk and argue anymore - that's his stand. The rakyat aren't the only ones waiting to see the outcome of this duel. Ahmad Said's colleagues too would want to see who or what will prevail in this encounter - the brand new Merc or the Perdana V6.

I guess this is it! Not only have we lost the plot, we have also demonstrated our penchant and skill for shooting ourselves in the leg. It doesn't require much hard work, but we certainly have more than adequate training in recent times.


jojo51 said...

In this brohaha..the fundamental issue was completely forgotten. Did anyone ask why the decision was made in the first place that all members of the adminstration (politicians and senior civil servants)must use the Perdana Executive. This decision I believed was made in 1997 or 1998. Before this date, the prefered government car was Mercedez.

In line with the government policy to give priority to Made-in- Malaysia products and also to support the national car industry, the government decided that Perdana Executive will replace the Mercedez. As the earlier policy decision has remained in force the issue of buying another brand of car does not arise at all. Therefore it becomes irrelevant to make comparison of the maintenance cost. This was never the basis when the government decided to replace Mercedez cars with Perdana Executive.

However, there is positive result when this issue blew up. The perception that Perdana Executive is expensive to maintain is just a myth. Apparently, this was the result of weak monitoring system and unscrupulous workshops.

Da Real Deal said...

14 Mercs for foreign dignitaries only in TERENGGANU. And the man who made this decision is in charge of our country. UMNO leaders who still think he is capable of leading us for another 2years should be flushed down the drain together with this man!

Anonymous said...

the whole story smells fishy to me. We can't really tell what happened behind the scene but it's a wrong decision for the MBs of Terengganu to go against the policy of the government.
As a member of the government they should know and realize that especially during this time, where our country really needs to stand together as one.

mananbuyong said...

This episode, among other things, is a reflection of our level and understanding of patriotism. For one.

The other is the depth of untrustworthiness that prevails in the trenches of our political front.

Of course, the competency of a generation of young motor makers are greatly question.

Yes, it's true that the relationship of the main players in the political heirarchy is an issue there, implying unsettled matters.

The inability to comprehend the mood at the grassroots - the rakyats - especially after March 2008,is another point.

And we must not overlook the ego trips arising.

What looks like a simple matter, does tell a lot of stories doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Its only RM3 over to RM250 mil spent on Islam Hadhari Theme Park...

konabaring said...

the decision to buy the mercs was a state government's decision.
Fed government should not interfere with state's government decisions. If this Trengganu's government were to be found to be inefficient, the people of Trengganu will deal with them in the next GE.
Spending 3 millions for 14 mercs is chicken feet compared to moneys wasted on monsun cup, kristal mosque and lots of other projects previously handled by dris jusoh and patrick badawi.
Excos need reliable cars to perform their duties. Mercs are very good cars befitting an Exco's needs. Too bad proton perdanas were caught in this mess. Been hearing a lot of bad reports Perdana's gear box problems. Wondered why proton's management never have taken a concrete step to tackle the problem. Since Tg. Mahaleel was no more there, what can you expect.

yindanyan said...

Sdr Pahit Manis,

Plot yang menarik di sini ialah perjuangan antara state autonomy dengan federal control.Suatu imbangan antara amirriyah dengan empayar.

Federal control yg keterlaluan akan akibatkan negeri dan sultannya sebenarnya hilang kuasa dan hilang negeri. Terengganu melalui MB baru, Perlis, Perak dan Selangor malahan Johor jelas sejak PRU 12 telah mula kembalikan maruah negeri-negeri bersultan/berraja sejak sekian lama agak dikongkong kerajaan persekutuan.

'Kelemahan' Pak Lah ada baiknya. Dari sini Malaysia sebagai Islamic State of United Sultanates akan lebih menyerlah demi agama, bangsa dan negara.

Takkanlah nak beli kereta apapun mesti federal control. Bodoh sangatkah orang di negeri-negeri tersebut sehingga telinga nak dipulas jika tak ikut telunjuk Pak Lah tentang jenis kereta? Dahsyatnya federal control.Projek apa nak buat mesti ikut kata. Orang Ganu kena Ya sokmo. Orang di semua negeri-negeri pun kena Ya sokmo juga.

Tahniah MB ganu kerana mula kembalikan kedaulatan negeri.

Apapun kembalinya kekuatan negeri-negeri dalam Malaysia ialah kerana 'kelemahan' Pak Lah. Mungkin 'kelemahannya' adalah kekuatannya kerana bukan senang hendak lepaskan kuasa balik kepada kerajaan-kerajaan negeri.

Daulat Tuanku-Tuanku.
dan terima kasih Pak lah.

Yin & Yan