Thursday, July 3, 2008

Anwar stole limelight, gain visibility

AMIDST the sodomy allegation that has kept tongues wagging the past few days, little attention is paid to MCA youth chief Datuk Liow Teong Lai, who attributed the MCA's poor showing in the recent general election to Umno's arrogance and weakness.

Liow, the Health Minister, said the MCA wants to change and reinvent itself. The pending departure of Datuk Ong Ka Ting and Datuk Chan Kong Choy is the clearest indication that the MCA is serious about change.

Liow said reinventing the party to make it relevant to the changing political landscape has to be done swiftly and in earnest. UMNO and MIC should also take serious steps in changing the party"s mindset so that they can continue their struggle in the Barisan Nasional as the dominant coalition.

The fact that UMNO and MIC continue to be led by the same leaders show that the reinvention process may take longer, or not at all. There's also the fear that the party may not even make it to the next general election sometime in 2012.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Tan Sri S Samy Vellu have indicated publicly that they will seek re-election to their top posts in UMNO and MIC respectively. Any reinvention under the old guards are not likely going to happen in the near future.

Liow's statement should spur UMNO and MIC to look into their party hierarchy as soon as possible, lest they find themselves toothless and irrelevant. But the sodomy allegation and several police reports lodged in the last few days have overshadowed Liow's statement.

Attention is diverted to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who separately gets maximum publicity in the newspapers and TV. Much energy and thought is directed to the issues concernng both of them. So much so that the country's top leaders are locked in trying to counter accusations of wag the dog and dirty politics.

With so much attention on these two, I wonder who's looking into our economic problems. The next few months will see more politicking especially with the party election among BN component parties just round the corner.

While waiting for this, Anwar has stolen the limelight and got himself into the international media network, thus giving himself continued visibility locally and abroad. His plan to be Prime Minister by mid-Sept could be on hold until everything is sorted out.



Banyak kita pikiaq pasai dunia,majoriti dah lupa akhirat.Tertarik dengan berita dunia,liwat,altantuya,umno,mca,mic,dan serba ma-nek-neknya.Kita lupa pada surga dan neraka.....gitulah hapraknya manusia yang dah hilang kemanusiaan.

Anonymous said...

you wrote ...'who's looking into our economic problems..'

nothing to worry, sir. our economy is in good hands. we got the singaporeans, the americans and perhap the israelis to steer it.

let everybody stay focus at this 'bugger' issue until the country get buggered from its south and north frontiers.

anwar didnt steal the limelight from the economy. he's borrowing it from paklah (over nationwide calls for him to quit) and najib (the altantuya case). its good to dramatise it. at least years from now, people will still be talking about it... and the word 'bugger' may be used at diplomatic desk.

our country is full of excitement, u see? now u can hear 'katak' and 'barua' being allowed at the dewan rakyat without the speaker having to ask this 'buggers' to retract it.

'bugger' is so commonly uttered among friends. and now at schools, the terminology is getting popular, indeed. i overheard some primary kids saying it this morning.

what a cheerful environment we managed to create for our youngsters today... many thanks to our lawmakers and politicians!

TPJ said...

Dato, I have touched on this issue in my blog yesterday.

Anonymous said...


Malaysia-is not just truly Asia lah !

Its also Malaysia - macam macam ada !

Ha ha !

Single Malt !

Anonymous said...

Tok Mat,

Malaysia kini dilanda drama nasi kandar... Pelita, Line Clear dan Kayu.

Pelita - Perancang kes liwat_
Line Clear - Pengadu yang kena liwat
Kayu - Anwar dan Najib

Pau Tg Malim

Anonymous said...

I too got some serious issues/problems. Can I go see the DPM for some advice? ...and perhaps take some photos with him later?

Mohd. Ramesh

Anonymous said...

Even if I am no fan of Barisan Nasional, those in MCA should get their heads straighten out quick and stop blaming others. It is only a convenient excuse for MCA to put the blame on UMNO of MCA's corrupt practices in its horrid house of dirty politics. It's the same for MIC too. Both of you have your party presidents are running the party(s) like it belonged to their personal estate. Why can't they live up to people's expectations when they are in power? It's tough if you're not sincere. And a kind note to MCA: everybody knows that you guys are only a Chinese Chamber of Commerce hiding quietly under the guise of MCA and Gerakan. Both of you lost so many seats because Chinese voters swung their votes to the opposition parties. Voters had enough of your type of politicians and cronies who were sucking up tax payers money in the name of the people and progress. What will MCA do next? Is MCA thinking of reinventing itself to look more like DAP or some other opposition party like PAS? Do they really believe they can fare better without the so called "arrogance and weakness" of UMNO? By the way, on the point of being so "arrogant", how many seats did UMNO get? Things wont be too kind to Malaysians of all walks of life if political parties continue to tear the nation under partisan lines. Enough crap talk and questions about Malay rights. It is as bogus as Malays calling in response to have other cultures and languages removed in the country. Members of all political parties should rethink and reconsider the hard stuff of reuniting the nation, both economics and spiritual solidarity. That's the core issue for a developing nation like ours. Really people, in the long end it doesn't pay to be fanatical about who we choose or want to be our "great leader". In the end, its all about "WE THE PEOPLE" as a nation that matters most.