Thursday, July 24, 2008

Radioman Engku Emran is a blogger!

SURIA FM CEO Engku Emran has joined us in blogosphere! The radio man launched his blog - Between my Legs - today! He gave us his first posting ysterday (July 23). I wish Emran all the best in his new (ad)venture! Way to go Bro!

I came to know (and like) Emran in 2006 when I organised the Second Merdeka Rally for Humanity. Emran led his band of bikers and joined 100 cars and 4x4s from the federal capital to Kuantan via the Kg Orang Asli settlement in Gombak and Pekan where we shared tea with orphans from the Rumah Kebajikan Toh Puan Rahah.

What a sight eh Emran! Let's do it again ASAP!

You can take a peek into Emran's blog via Enjoy!

PS - In case you don't already know, Emran is also chairman of the Erra Fazira Fan Club!


Unknown said...

The more the merrier.

But most important is not the quantity. The standard should be the quality of information. This is however easier said than done. While democratisation of information is very fundamental in blogsphere it has unfortunately created the good, the bad and the ugly. Not to worry, as over time, only those who subscribe to the sanctity of information survive while those who refuse to self regulate will soon wither away.

Anonymous said...


did he mention anything about cricket?