Monday, June 30, 2008

Is this the new benchmark in our politics?

THE only good thing today is the Euro Cup finals. And Torres played like a true artisan with his skill, concentration and mesmerising runs. His goal was executed with a class that typifies a true professional, and Spain played with much flair that made Germany look ordinary and pedestrian.

That pulsating game aside, the last 24 hours leaves many people wondering what had hit them. News that a 23-year old aide of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had lodged a police report alleging sodomy by his boss stung Malaysians over breakfast on Sunday morning.

In fact, the SMS that have been going around on Sunday night have already made many people had a restless night and a troubled sleep.

Everyone recalled the PKR's de facto leader's history in this matter. That gave a sense of deja vu over the air as we all try to understand what really is happening. Is the whole thing political, as some had already concluded? Or is it a straight case of sexual assault?

It's best not to speculate. Let the police investigate and finish their own probe. Pre-judging the case would be unproductive and morally wrong. We've been taught to subscribe to the concept that a man is innocent until proven guilty.

That aside, many Malaysians have made their conclusions one way or another. The general question that's been asked in the last 24 hours is - what's happening to this country? Have we lost our senses? If you read the comments posted in the blogs, you can get a sense of disgust over the allegations and the turn of events that came after that.

Anwar's move to seek help from a foreign embassy sparked fresh debate and triggered more questions. Are we not safe in our country? And is security better in a foreign embassy than in our own home?

Conspriracy theories are plentiful too. Ah, this is nothing new, Anwar's supporters argued. This is another frame-up to destroy Anwar's political comeback. This is the work of Anwar's political foes, and there are plenty around, his allies shouted. Everyone's imagination is working overtime to try and figure out what really happened.

What kind of attention will we get from the international media? It's not complimentary, that much I can tell you. And Anwar's spending the night in the Turkish embassy would certainly attract plenty of attention from the diplomatic fraternity. Will this start a diplomatic row?

Internationally, the rest of the world perceive Malaysia as a country that has lost much shine in the last few years, according to a survey conducted by experts in brands management. In fact, they argued that this image and reputation has been somewhat negative in the last few years.

This latest episode will certainly not help that reputation. At a time when the country's political climate is viewed as 'uncertain,' this incident will bring us a few notches down, even as the police continue with their investigations.

If the international community were to seek some indication of the country's volatile political climate, they have been presented with a game of brinkmanship that helped raise the political stakes.

At this point in time, we must be governed by cool heads and not by angry hearts. Many of us are really worried too. Will we see a fresh round of street demonstrations calling for 'Reformasi,' Anwar's battle cry after the first time he was charged with sodomy. He may have been cleared following his appeal in the Appeals Court but this was not conclusive, leaving Anwar with a big taint on his character.

As stated earlier, fingers are being pointed. And unnecessarily so, since the police investigations have only just started. We must insist the police work day and night to unravel this yet another episode which may undermine Malaysia's credibilty further.

Coming after the March 8 general election, whose results have changed the national political landscape, this incident can potentially delivers another black eye for the country. Surely, we can't afford that.



Politik kotor.Busuk.Jijik.Habis imej negara tercemar.Malu,malu,malu.

Anonymous said...


I'm also very confused with the sudden issue that Anwar were charged for sodomizing a 23 years old of an aide Anwar Ibrahim named Saiful Bahari. Is this sudden issue setup by Najib's guy which is believe to be a new political scene to frame-up Anwar, or is this true that he really does it?

Yet, I must agree that everyone will made their own speculation or even create new stories. However speculations is based on what they believe or influenced from. I have my won speculations too based on what i understand and researched in this issue.

These are the questions believed to be very conspiracy to answer for time being:

1)After sudden RPK' SD which accused DPM and his fellows, why is this issue came out; its like slapping back Anwar's face.

2)If Anwar's supporters denied this issue was false and just a political scene setup by DPM, why cant we think that the RPK's SD is also a setup political scene to DPM , his wife and the fellows?

3)Anwar was ousted from government in a power struggle in 1998 when he was DPM amid charges of corruption and sodomy; which is that time during Tun Mahathir's leadership. Why suddenly same issue of sexual misconduct appear?

4)Why Anwar seeks help from foreign embassy? Is he trying to tell that Malaysian is not safe or that he receive death threats in this country that he better seeks influence from foreign country for better protection?

I admit that Malaysia is now under conspiracy of political scene and power- struggling from parties in ruling the country. Its very sad because we citizens will suffer from their selfish acts.

Anonymous said...

Can u imagine how boring our days will be without such political drama? and Malaysia's must rank amongst the best in the world. yet what saddens me is how such sandiwara, by one party or another, distracts the attention that other pressing, boring, real governance matters should really command. it's steep enough as it is without the politicians manipulating them for their benefit. People need to unite (not in a political sense) and dispense their cynical and sceptical sentiments do get us through these. even worse that those is apathy.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Kegilaan politik yang melampau. Pemimpin politik bertukar konspirasi suka sama suka. Ular lidi nak telan naga.
Ikuti episod seterusnya 'bawang putih bawang merah...

Anonymous said...

The only people directly 'benefitiing' from all this hoohaa will ultimately be... (guess who?)... The lawyers la. (Sigh)Lawyers... can we ever live without them?... :)

Mohd. Ramesh

Anonymous said...

for certain loyalists too, to be too rash in shouting the innocence of Anwar has been vindicated back then must qualify one thing, he was let off on a technical ground. it's not the same as the courts finding him to be innocent.

Anonymous said...


Nak kata Konspirasi dari pihak musuh anwar agar sukar diterima ketika ini.

Biasanya, kalau ada skandal dan sebagainya di malaya ni, kita akan mendengar khabar angin dulu, surat layang, video, sms etc.

Yang ada sekarang ini adalah sekeping lapuran polis oleh seorang budak 23 thn. At this stage, this is something too feeble to be part of a political conspiracy. there's nothing else, as expected, to supplement this if this is a conspiracy.

Sekiranya ini dirancang, pihak yang merancang sudah tentu mengeluarkan berbagai fakta, cerita, dalil, lapuran polis yang lain, pelakon-pelakon, untuk menyokong lapuran polis tersebut.

BN/UMNO sedang mengalami krisis dalaman paling runcing dan berhadapan dengan berbagai masalah negara/rakyat, disamping untuk mengekalkan kuasa. Ini bukan fokus UMNO.

Risiko BN untuk mempermainkan (orchestrate) isu seperti ini akan merugikan BN dengan risiko public outrage. BN tidak mampu lagi berbuat demikian dengan ketiadaan sokongan dalaman yang kuat untuk menanggung risiko seperti krisis '98

Dan tindakan Anwar berlindung atas sebab ancaman bunuh amat mencurigakan dari segi timing.

Sekiranya ada pihak yang hendak mengancam Anwar, ini sudah tentu akan memberi kemenangan kepada pembangkang jika ianya berlaku.

Rakyat akan memberontak, kerajaan dikecam dan akan dijatuhkan, (seperti di filipina) dan Wan Azizah jadi perdana menteri.


siamangagap said...


One interesting outcome from this latest 'bontot' event is the cleverness of Anwar in diverting the criminal case against him. Anwar is known for his dramatisation of events, if he wants something or trying to get out of the mud.

Remember the Baling case during his student days? Or the last trial - remember his arsenic poisoning? Remember his complaint about his back pain? Remember his dog collar always stuck on his neck when he went to courts? Remember he moved about on wheel chair? Now no back pain or neck pain. So fast got cured!

Now the truth has come out, he went to the Turkish Embassy uninvited said the Turkish Ambassador. He just deposited himself there to get international attention. He got many friends outside Malaysia, who will believe him and will raise their concerns. That's what Anwar wants.

By the way, who wants to kill him? if that is the case, he has been assassinated a long time ago! Even before the opposition could win many state governments in the last elections. Anwar is best described as the great Hindustani or Bollywood actor. Pity his wife Azizah, she has to defend Anwar because he is her husband although she knows Anwar inside out.

Anonymous said...

kesiannya kat negeri aku ni....

mananbuyong said...

1. One day Tunku Abdul Rahman was approached by an aide. The aide informed Tunku that a report is being made at the police station saying that he (Tunku) had sodomised his Butler..!

Upon hearing that Tunku shot up..... and laughed until his bulky belly shook up.

He then called Tan Chin Tuan,"C.T. grab your club and balls, let's play.."

Off they went to the golf course and talked horses.

2. One day Tun Razak was approached by an aide who informed him that a report was submitted at the police station that he sodomised one of the gardeners..

Tun grins and shook his head. He called Ghaffar Baba and shoots an instruction.." CikGu, Awok kene pegi Mentekab, kemudian Temeloh..tengok kalau ada tanah nak bukok FELDA.."

Forever working, Tun Razak looked at the aide, shook his head again and grinned without saying anything.

3. One day Datuk Hussein Onn was in his office reading the papers. The OA came in and clicked his heels and without delay reported, " Datok, someone made a report at the police station to the effect that you sodomised him."

Now, Hussein Onn was a trained soldier and he can be quite steely. He slowly took a steel ruler and proceeded to read his papers line by line..

The OA knows it's time to retreat.

4. Dr Mahathir was playing with his toy train. It didn't work. Siti Hasmah was around.

Right then a helper came and told him that a report was made at the police station accusing him of sodomising his driver, who happened to be on leave to let Dr M deal with his trains..

Upon hearing that Dr M raised his eyebrows - both - and coolly called, "Mah... my train is faulty.. has anyone meddled with it?"

"No Det.. I don't know.. I am with you always.. you know" Siti hasmah answered sweetly.

Dr M hrrmmph and get back to his train.

5. Pak Lah was walking to the mosque one fine morning when an aide caught up with him to inform him a report was made at the police station about him sodomising some one from fourth floor.

Pak lah looked at his watch and shooed the aide away, " Daahhh, jangan kacau saya..! nanti langkau suboh kena qadho'.. ni pon dah liwat (lambat) ni.."

6. Anwar Brahim was gabbing away at one of those meetings when someone came and whispered in his ear,: "Pak Sheikh, they are saying you did it again.. a report is safely submitted to say that you sodomised so-n-so..!!

"What...!!!" shouted Anuar "Bloody hell... go quickly... get some people to handle the public.. anyone don't care.. just save my skin.. see which doors are still open where I could go and hide.. Quick you idiot!! Wan Jijah, tell them anything, just anything.. get that hindraf guy to help you... sue the bugger.."

Talk about being prime minister.

I am sorry for the people, the nation.. What's happening is no longer a joke, I am sad tosay.