Thursday, June 19, 2008

BN component break ranks, invites trouble

IT WON'T be easy for anyone to try and pass a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister in the Dewan Rakyat. Everyone knows that. And Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as Umno president and BN Chairman, knows that very well too.

SAPP's Dato Yong Teck Lee'snnouncement in Kota Kinabalu yesterday that he and his fellow MP from the party would support any motion of no confidence in Parliament on Monday attracted much attention in and outside Sabah. And maybe that's about all that he can get - public and media attention.

Much has been said about the difficulties anyone would face in wanting to table let alone pass a motion of no confidence. Then again, this won't stop Abdullah's and the BN's oppononent from trying. The actual attempt alone is enough to attract the people's and media's attention.

While the actual attemp to table and pass a vote of no confidence against the Government and the present leadership is difficult, the very expression by Yong and the SAPP, a component of the ruling federal coalition, is bad enough already.

As far as I recall, there's not been a similar attempt and such an open declaration by a BN component ever before. The BN leadership must make a quick decision on this, including taking firm disciplinary action against Yong and gang, including expulsion from the coalition.

Media reports said Yong have had two discussions with de factor PKR Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Leaving the BN and joining the PKR must have featured high on the agenda during talks between them. By making the statement yesterday, the SAPP is no longer a BN component in word and deed.

There's been much speculation of the SAPP leaving the BN in last couple of weeks. Only the actual execution remains.

Political observers argue that Yong's action does not necessarily stem from his contention that Sabah is left out of mainstream economic development alone. It also stems from his perception that the PM is weak and vulnerable. The sound bytes at the press conference made that quite apparent to all and sundry.

Yong's action and statement has caused much embarassment to Pak Lah, SAPP being a small component of the BN notwithstanding. SAPP have four state seats in the Sabah Legislative Assembly. Would his statement against the federal Government also reflect his sentiments against the State Govt led by Dato Musa Aman?

He didn't say so, but I would conclude so. Shouldn't Yong then also declare loss of confidence against his state boss? Mind you, Yong was also Chief minister of the state once before, and had enjoyed the support of his BN colleagues in and outside Sabah.

Yong's statement would mean a full house at the Dewan Rakyat on Monday and the following days. Yong may even have another press conference in the Dewan's lobby to reiterate his stand. Yong is stretching the limit and trying to take advantage of the situation and making an attempt to change the political landscape. Again that is.

Yong was duly taken to task by his BN colleagues. The PKR said it was 'brave' of him to do that. Let's see how this drama plays itself out next week.



Can paklah sleep well? He may have many more dreams.Why remain if not respected ? If the drama comes true, it invites solution .

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro,

I don't seem to understand some new words these days.

They ask if their children gone to Pak Lah?

They ask what time do you want to Pak Lah?

They also ask whether they get good dreams when they Pak Lah?

I am loosing sleep over this new word Pak Lah. Or if I were to use the new word, I am loosing Pak Lah about Pak Lah!

Citizen Zzzz .... Zzzz ... Zzz

tarings said...

Salams Datuk,

The plot thickens but the hero is still in the bedroom. It'd be ok if it's a dirty movie but a political thriller?

Reckon he's losing it. Just hope there won't be any major shock wave or backlash should he abdicate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

I heard a song the other day by Billy Ocean - its called "Get out of my dream and get into my car" !

Sometimes i wonder when our politicians will get out of politicking and get into real governing !

Have a good Sunday !

Single Malt