Friday, April 11, 2008

Umno div chiefs: 'We don't want Pak Lah'

THE SMS have been coming thick and fast, as do reports on various news portals and blogs - the majority of Umno division chiefs in Kedah and Penang yesterday said they don't want Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi to continue to head the party.

Today, division chiefs of Johore Umno meet Pak Lah and will make known their feelings to the Prime Minister. The Kedah and Penang chiefs gave their views loud and clear to party deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

Since the closed-door meeting was with Najib, the division chiefs could speak freely and candidly. And they had asked Najib, who led a small delegation which include vice presidents Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, to convey their views to Pak Lah.

The Johore meeting may be a bit more tricky since they will face their boss directly. How would they convey their views to him, and if they do, how would the boss react?

But there's no way the Johore chiefs can avoid not mentioning their true feelings to the Prime Minister. Losing five states and not able to maintain their two-third majority are too much to stomach for Umno leaders, who now aren't able to walk with their heads held high. If you ask me, some of them deserve to be defeated because of the high and mighty disposition they choose to adopt.

The momentum for change seems to be very strong, and it moves very fast too. The groundswell that is felt on the ground is mounting and many voices are heard demanding change. I doubt if anyone in the party hierachy can stop the call for change, given the continous statements of denial from some top leaders.

The grassroot leaders have had enough, and they are now launching their own internal tsunami. Which explains why the Kedah and Penang chiefs are demanding their state liaison chief and deputy to vacate their positions. It looks like Umno members have their own version of makkal shakti!

Events in the next few days and weeks are going to be very interesting, if not potentially explosive. The Prime Minister is not without support. As the incumbent, Pak Lah has the full might of high office to defend his position.

But as we all know, politics is about perception more than truth. The voices from Kedah and Penang are now heard all across the country, and one can expect echoes resonating loud and clear.


DSaint Patric said...

Deaar Tok,
I am a wee bit concerned. If Pak Lah hands over to Najib, will latter be a better PM?

dsaint goes marching in...

Anonymous said...

The disease of denial which has become the way of life and the culture of UMNO AND THE GOVT, with the philosopy of "DENY LONG ENOUGH AND IT WILL GO AWAY" has led to the downfall of umno of which it will never recover, even with an elephant in front of them they are still blind, wanting to believe only they are right.Mahathir took care of getting rid of all the capable leaders through hook and crook, a question to the masses here can somebody here actually claim any umno leaders are not corrupt, are not tainted. well be honest, it may surprise you, show me 1 who doesn't have skeletons in his cupboard and I will show you my pet cat with horns!

novice101 said...

Abdullah Badawi solely to be blamed for the dismal result?

It's a sad fact of life that when one is down, one is left to stand alone. One is asked to shoulder all blame though, in life, this is never the case. One is isolated, cast to the wolves. In worst cases, the ones one has helped and whom one has placed one's faith in, joined with the crowd to go for one's blood. All these, from the mildest to the worst scenarios, are now being played out in UMNO!

Having been through one month of humiliation, he must be at his lowest, right now. For all his faults, this treatment meted out to him is not fair. If, the UMNO people do not want to speak out for him, the rakyat should.

The present state of the nation (the emergence of the 2-party system), which we think is good for the nation, would not have come about if not for AAB's more tolerant and liberal attitude.

A more basic consideration is the human values. What democratic principles are we talking about if we don't offer a peron his basic right - the democratic right to dignity and respect!