Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trivia - Red Devils book flight to Moscow

I'M NOT sure if Man Utd deserves to be in the final of the European Cup. Their fans would probably think so, but to me, Barcelona was denitely the team which provided more of the entertainment.

That aside, the semi final played at Old Trafford, was a nail-biting 90 minute encounter. Paul Scholes goal separated the two sides, enough to take the Red Devils to Moscow for the finals on May 21.

I watched the game at my own humble Theatre of Dreams, accompanied by a big mug of Nescafe tarik and a half hour nap before kik off. When Rijkaard sent in Thiery Henry, I thought that he was going to disappoint Ferguson and the millions of devils across the globe.

But he didn't. Barcelona is a great team with potential match winners all across the field. Much was expected of Messi, as of Ronaldo, voted this year's Footballer of the Year in England. In the end, United stood their ground and will now atempt to win the trophy for only the third time in their history.

After the game, I received several SMS from United fans, asking whether I've booked my flight to Moscow. I wish...


Anonymous said...

Elok jugak kalau Kerajaan tambah hasil kekayaan negara melalui bidang sukan, bolasepak contohnya. Macam TDM dulu bawa Tour Le Langkawi dan F-1 Sepang. ThakSin beli Manchester City, so harumlah nama Thailand di antarabangsa. Singapura pun dah set up football training institute dengan kelab Itali(lupa yang mana satu). Apa kata kita juga follow the same suit, Kerajaan joint venture dengan beberapa giant club untuk set up Universiti Sepakbola. Tentu ramai foreigners nak masuk uni tu.

afterburner73 said...

Everybody wants to support MU. How boring!

Arsenal forever. Go Gunners!

p/s - Mathematically, If MU and Chelsea lose both remaining EPL games and Arsenal wins both, Arsenal will become EPL champions. I'd love to see that happen.

ibrahim yahaya said...


Di Malaysia pun ada MU.

Mahkota United.

Hidup MU.

Agak-agak saya sokong mana?

Anonymous said...

Tok, MU pun banyak nilai hiburannya ...