Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Al-Fatihah for Rustam A Sani

RUSTAM A Sani, blogger-writer and one time deputy president of Parti Rakyat, passed away at 3am today. Rustam was about to launch his latest books this Saturday, one of which is dedicated to his 3-year old grandaughter.

His son, Azrani, said his father has not been well of late. Friends of Rustam said he's not been well for the last couple of years but he could still go out for teh tarik with his regular buddies.

Rustam is the son of patriot Datuk Ahmad Boestamam. He was 64. Apart from his books, one can read his writings in his blogs vox populi and Suaraku. Al-Fatihah.


Unknown said...

Al fatihah..semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas roh allahyarham.


I really appreciate his writings.

Anonymous said...

Mungkin selepas ini anak beliau Azrani boleh menulis tentang Allahyarham Rustam Sani dan mengenai datuk beliau, Boestamam. Bagi saya terdapat intellectual tradition dalam keluarga ini, satu warisan yang perlu di teruskan. Saya sendiri tidak pernah berjumpa dengan Allahyarham atau Azrani tetapi sering membaca mengenai mereka.

mananbuyong said...

When his father, the legendary nationalist Ahmad Bustamam aka Ruhi Hayat, also known by his childhood friends 'Sani' short for Abdullah Thani was in prison (read 'TUJUH TAHUN MALAM MEMANJANG') young Rustam stayed with his uncle in Kampung Behrang Ulu, Tanjung malim.

Rustam used to tell me how when it was the fruit season he wouild sell the fruits in front of his uncle's house, besides the old road from Tanjung Malim to Slim River. But the thing is that Rustam wasn't a durian enthusist. Infact he does not like to eat the fruit.

"I, however, became an expert in opening durians with a parang.." Rustam told me.

I was not close to him and do not know him well but our late fathers were childhood friends. I do read a lot of what he wrote when he was still accepted to write in Utusan Malaysia.

Yes, we lost a patriot and an intellectual. Al-Fatihah.

rizal hashim said...


I regret the missed opportunity of shaking hands with Allahyarham when I saw him at Carrefour Wangsa Maju a few months back.

I agree with anon 9.05am that Azrani should continue the good work of his father and grandfather.