Monday, December 11, 2006

let's lend Karim a helping hand

I'm calling friends and acquaintances to spare a few moments to think about a former colleagues, Karim Sulaiman, the Special Project Editor of the Berita Harian. Karim, a qualified Town Planner, but who became a joirnalist instead, is ill with a debilitating ailment.

He is at home and bed-ridden. He has seen the doctors several times but his condition has not improved. He has been ill for several years already.

He is, as I understand it, on a six-month medical leave. I'm not sure what will happen to him after the six month leave is over though it is not unusual for employees on such long ailments be medocally b oarded out.

He is so frail now. His weight has gone down from 68kg at one point to a mere 35kg now. Careerwise, he was once the Berita Harian's Bureau Chief in Johor before being posted to London as the newspaper's Correspondent there.

He is having trouble eating and he's also uinable to open his mouth wide to speak as well. I'm appealing for some help from friends, ex-colleagues and those who know Karim. I believe the National Press Club president, Ahirudin Attan, may be able to lend a hand.

Brother Rocky, any ideas? Salams


Rockybru said...


I am glad you posted about our brother. Sdr Mior, a former BH editor, alerted me about brother Karim's condition last week. The NPC will help, as we've helped journalists in need in recent years but as our own resources are limited, we usuall seek others to chip in as well.

Remember late Farid, who succumbed to cancer last year? We got the DPM to help and the MB of Pahang also helped with his medical bills. Datuk Seri Rosmah donated a few songs at a press event and raised RM40,000 for brother Farid! You yourself did quite a bit; you were chairman of the Malaysian Press Institute then. The Star also collected some money to ease their former reporter's burden of dying.

Sdr Karim has many friends in Berita Harian and in the media. I'll get someone in BH to start the ball rolling. I hope the NSTP will not let Karim down. Yes, the law provides for the employer to absolve himself of prolonged or extended responsibility over an ill, or terminally ill, employee. But Karim has served BH for many, many years, and served it well. We can turn to politicians (Najib the DPM is known to be journalist-friendly) but I think we, journalists, should always try to fend for ourselves and leave them as last resort.

The NPC's exco meeting is next week. I'll bring it up. Thanks for posting this bro.

apekome said...

Brader Bru, thank U for responding to Pahit Manis. I hope we can do something together to help our journalist friend who are in need. No point calling ourselves media men or ex-media men, if we fail to help our fellow friend. Who else?

apekome said...

Thank you Dato' Ahmad for alerting everybody about our friend, Karim Sulaiman.

Ashraf Abdullah said...

YBhg Datuk,

You can certainly count me in. Karim is a good friend of mine.

Ashraf Abdullah
Former NST London Correspondent

ex msian journalist said...


Thanks for the info and please let us know what are the next step you guys planning in helping Sdra Karim. So that we can send some money or help.

ex msian journalist

Kak Teh said...

Datuk, it is me again. Just to say how happy I am seeing all our friends here rallying for Karim - Rocky, Mior, Ashraf. I will let a few of our friends here in London know abt this.
zaharah othman (London)

muststopthis said...

Hi Dato,

I am not in your circle of Journalist friends, but have corss swords with a few of them, Rocky, including on the green velvet.
Can I propose a golf event to raise funds? Here, you know I am capable of....

Tony 'Landy' Yew